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Ann Taber's Finding Alpena's Roots 
AudioCollectionsImagesTexts  c1975  ... 017.jpg 2 AT DAR 018.jpg 2 AT DAR 019.jpg 2 AT DAR 020.jpg 2 AT DAR 021.jpg 2 AT DAR 023.jpg 2 AT DAR 024.jpg 2 AT DAR 025.jpg 2 AT DAR 026.jpg 2 AT DAR 027.jpg 2 AT DAR 028.jpg 2 AT DAR 029.jpg 2 AT DAR 030.jpg 2 AT DAR 031.jpg Audio (JPG) 2 AT DAR 032.jpg 2 AT DAR 033.jpg 2 AT DAR...
Carl Henry at Rotary Club 
AudioImages    Carl Henry at Bell Bay Village home, Presque Isle, Michigan, c 1915.
Log Marks 
TextsImages  July 26, 1880  Log mark or marks for F C Folkert in Alpena, Michigan, 1880.
Log Marks 
TextsImages    Log mark or marks for G. A. Butterfield in Alpena, Michigan.
Log Marks 
TextsImages    Log mark or marks for Widner, J. A. in Alpena, Michigan.
Aerial View of Potter Hill Farm and Four Mile Dam 
Images  c1950s  Aerial view from Potter Hill Farm (center lower left) to Four Mile Dam (upper left) along the Thunder Bay River and Long Rapids Road, Alpena County, Michigan
Second Avenue Bridge 
Images  c1940  The fourth Second Avenue Bridge across the Thunder Bay River in Alpena, Michigan, c1940. Alpena Furniture Store in background. The New Bridge Alpena, Mich. D-488
Second Avenue Bridge 
Images  c1890  Sleigh pulled by horses crossing the third Second Avenue Bridge heading into downtown Alpena, Michigan. This bridge across the Thunder Bay River was built in 1886. Cohen's Store (or Alpena Furniture Store) is in the background. St. Mary's Steeple (faint) is on far right.
Memorial Hall and City Hall 
Images  c1950  Aerial view showing the Memorial Hall (aka Alpena National Guard Armory) on upper right and the City Hall on the upper left in Alpena, Michigan. The U.S. Federal Building is in the far upper right next to the Armory.
Aerial view of Alpena's Fish Hatchery and land behind City Hall. 
Images  c1930-1935  Aerial view showing section between the corner of State Street and Chisholm Street to land behind City Hall close to the Thunder Bay River in Alpena, Michigan. Corner of State and Chisholm Streets at far upper left corner. Carter House is the third house from the top along Chisholm Street. The...
Second Avenue Bridge 
Images  c1923  The third Second Avenue Bridge across the Thunder Bay River in Alpena, Michigan, looking southwest. Alpena Furniture is large building. References to dynamiting and the flood of April 1923.
Evergreen Cemetery Chapel 
ImagesCollections  Late 1950s  The Chapel at Evergreen Cemetery on Washington Avenue near the Thunder Bay River in Alpena.
Cass School Students 
Images  c 1910  Elementary students as Cass School. The Cass School was located on Sable Street, between Fifth and Sixth Streets. It is currently a private residence. Boy in exact center is noted as "Oliver."
Original County Jail 
Images  c 1967  "In 1864 or 1865, the Board of Supervisors made a contract for clearing Jessie Square made a contract for clearing Jessie Square and erecting a suitable building for a jail. It was built on Chisholm street, and made of two-inch plank, doubled and fastened together with spikes driven close...
Richardson Lumber Company 
Images  1905  Richard Lumber Company had a mill along the Thunder Bay river above the Churchill Mill and also had a mill further North along the Thunder Bay. The Library holds an extensive collection of Richardson Lumber Company Records. See the Harris/Richardson Collection in Special Collections. "Richardson...
The Casper Alpern Family 
Videos    A Special Collection's Program. Cecile Pizer & Marcia Simmons will present the Casper Alpern Family's journey to Alpena and the role they played in the development of Alpena, 1870's to 1900's.
Clarise Grzenkowicz Interview 
Audio    Lifetime Long Lake Resident, Clarise Grzenkowicz talks about working as a cutter at The Alpena Garment Factory from 1935-40. In addition to discussing the working environment at the factory, Clarise describes day to day life in Alpena at that time.
Loretta Beyer Interview 
Audio    Area piano teacher and performer, Loretta Beyer talks about her roles in the Alpena music scene as well as her own music education in Zimbabwe.
Norm Seiss Interview 
Audio    Born and raised in Alpena, Norm Seiss has played accordion and been involved in the music business for over 65 years. Inducted into the Michigan Polka Hall of Fame in 2001, Norm's music focuses on German style oompah music, polkas and waltzes. In this interview, Norm discusses the passage of this...
Al Zdan Interview 
Audio  2015  ...The Monarchs- 1960's Judy and Her Suchey Brothers.pdf.pdf Audio (MP3) Transcription ...
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