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,h, Lumherjack 1 April 1987 page 2 Letters to the Editor Tu Whom This May Concern, Many times in the past several weeks, I've entertained the thought of stopping by the snack bar in Besser Technical Center for something to eat. However, I've only managed to buy my lunch there once before being driven away by thick cigarette smoke. On many occasions, l've entered the snack bar area with a fair degree of determination. After all, hunger is a drivin~ force. But, as I proceed, the smoke that fills my eyes and nostrils quickly causes me to lose my appetite. If I could just make a quick dash in and come out with food in hand, l am well aware that I could eat it elsewhere. It has even been pointed out to me that there is a manually operated ventilation fan in the lounge area that I am free to use. However, I have been electing to skip lunch altogether because the sna<>k bar is just not an acceptable place to buy lunch anymore. Jeff Shelby, Editor The Lumberjack Dear Jeff, Sincerely, Sharon Nadeau February 24, 1987 Listed below are some comments regarding the 18 Feb 87 article in The Lumberjack entitled "W AF:ij conflicts on Smoking Policy." I. The notice letter sent to all Education Center offices is attached. Notice that offices are specifically not designated as non-smoking areas. 2. From paragraph No. 2, it is presumed that, with the new ventilation system, the necessary air flow per minute minimum is met. 3. Individuals having questions about the Air Forte Policy in question (AFR 30-27) are asked to contact Mr. Spencer at 747-6716. Lettter to the Editor-Re: Smoking Policy Sincerely, Chuck Wiesen, Director WAFB Center As a fellow ACC student and a smoker as well, I want to express my opinion about . the smoking policy on campus. Ever sinc_e the policy was passed, there has been hassles about whether or not the lounge areas in BTC and VLH were to be regarded as being off-limits to smoking. As far as BTC is concerned, I don't see any problems at all. The lounge area is appropriately used as a smoking area, while the front lobby is quite convenient for the non-smokers, so no more arguements should arise. The BTC snack bar is equipped with an adequate air conditioning system to dear the smoke to the advantage to the non-smokers who study in the snack area. As for the NRC building, hardly anyone smokes in there as far as I can see, so NRC should not allow smoking at all. VLH, on the other hand, does not )lave an adequate air condition- ing system at all. I can understand a problem arising there. Signs have been posted on a few of the tables to discourage smokers from sitting there. But, this new system does not solve the problem. Non-~mokers still complain about the set-up in VLH. My suggestion is to have an air conditioning system installed at VLW (Name w/held by request) ' The pcill that was conducted surverying the student body concerning smoking on campus was originally intended as, and should be con- sidered as, a non-scientific, opinion poll which only was intended to be used as a basis for futher study. It is our view that the poll, as con- ducted, and the resulting information that was compiled (51.34% yes- -the current designated areas should be changed/48 .66% no-the designated areas should not be changed) was, statisitcally, not an over- whelming margin, although a majority was demonstrated. Therefore, it is our conclusion, as stated in the letter to Dean McCormack, that what wa~ printed in the Lumbe1jack-Was, in fact, what amounted to a quote taken out of context and should read as follows (paraphrased from the original letter): "The recommendation of the Student Senate .. .is that there should be no smoking allowed on cainpus at all. It should be noted, however, that as Student Senate President, I was not a voting member on this motion. I, personally, would ,have voted against this motion .. .in conclusion, I will say that if the smokers were removed from the lounge area of VLH, or that the area was suitably ventilated and the exhaust fart in the BTC buildings (lounge area) was in operation throughout the class sche<;lule (day) there would be very little for the non-smokers _to ( complain about) .. . " This letter was written under the assumption that . the motion which was passed in Student Senate was that there be no smoking on campus at all. This, however, proved to be an unfortunately incorrect assumption, as the minutes for the February 17, 1987 meeting of the Student Senate indicate: :•smoking Poll" "Ballots counted by Duf (Gorski) and Mr Fournier, 111 yes, 105 no. After 'long discu-ssio'n, Duf made a niotion that the Student Senate recommend to the board that because of the poll, smoking area -should be changed, 2nd Ann Meldrum. Motion carried. Duf will write · Letter.'·' Because of this misunderstanding of the motion that was passed in that session of Student Senate we felt compelled to write the letter, an excerpt of which was printed in the Lumberjack. We, Rich LaMay and Don Elliott, not Student Senate, still feel that as a matter of principle, the following holds true: "There should be no smoking allowed on campus unless an effort is made for the fall semester to accomodate the non-smokers concerns by either A) a separate smoking area apart from the eating areas be · provided, or B) and effective exhaust system be installed in the current designated smoking areas (lounges) that will adequately p;ovide proper ventilation and/or air exchange to minimize the particulate concentra- tion of cigarette smoke in the air." From:.Richard LaMay, President of Student Senate Don C. Elliott III, Chairperson of Campus Activities Board Point of View . by Mr. and Ms. Vote April 6 ACC Millage Election Editors Editor Jeff Shelby Kellie Krage Assistant Editor Staff Keith Pyne Connie Lightner Pamela Loop Vicki McKiddie Sharon Nadeau Tony Bauer Beth McParlan Stephanie Speaks Jim Kelley Lynn Hibner Elizabeth Hug Ronni Stewart Susan Chrzan Pamela Losinski Ann Meldrum Lisa Smith Photography Sharon Nadeau Sharon Eller Tony Bauer Jeff Shelby Admin Advisor Typesetting Advertising Mr James Miesen Graphic Arts Ann Meldrum the Lumberjack 666 Johnson Street Alpena, Ml 49707 The Lumberjack is a communications medium of Alpena Community College. It is published bi-monthly, September through May - except during 1.1acacions and examination periods - by the students of Alpena Com- munity College, Alpena, Michigan. AU ar- ticles published are the sole responsibility of the author(s), and the opinions expressed in such articles do not necessarily express the views of the editors, the advisor, or the ad- ministration of Alpena Community College. The 1.umberjack is printed by the Alpena News. I'm glad there are two differenta---------------t sexes; it's nice there is a difference. MR Like most male Americans, I am lp0% in favor of equal rights for women. It just seems like a logical course for society to follow. My complaint runs in a different direction: why can't women enjoy the same privliges and rights as men and still retain some of the more feminine aspects of dress. I can truly understand that, when living in a northern climate such as Alpena, a dress is not the warmest type of clothing in the winter. But l still believe feminine clothing has its place. I truly believe that women are equal to men in all aspects of our lives. This is good. It's too bad society took so long to get there. It's nice to see that difference now and then. If it's something subtle, like a girl in a dress, then it's o.k. with me. But then, it's just my point of view. MS Errors in spelling, punctuation, grammer, etc., are not the fault of the typesetter. Ed. ---------------1 line and dignified when they take the time to dress a little Like most female Ameri- more fprmally. cans, I am I 00% in favor 9f I would rather look at a equal rights for women, too. bunch · of distinguished men It just seems like a logical dressed up, either in ties, dress course for society to follow. shirts, dress pants, or if I am Ilut my complaint runs in a lucky, maybe a suit. different direction also. Why I am not insinuating that can't women request that men men that have the dress code dress up too? of jeans and T-shirts are not I feel that blue jeans and distinguished, but, I would T-shirts are ok, but, men, in also enjoy a -change in men's my opinion, lo.ok more mascu- attire.

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