The Lumberjack Vol.1, No.14, 31 March 1987, p. 4

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,h,· Lumberjack 1 April 1987 page4 ACC Students to revamp Gilligan's Island ACC gets boarded Remakes of old hit television programs such as Gidget and The Monkees are surfacing with the most recent addition to that list 'being Gilligan's Isiand. The revising of this old hit has drastically change the lives of' 2 ACC students, Curt Soik and ) "JD" Parris, who are best friends. Soik and Parris are the 2 lucky people who have landed the parts ,of Gilligan and Skipper on the newly scheduled television program which is to begin this fall. Joe Smith, president of MGM Pro- ductions Studios stated, "After looking at hundreds of people, the moment we saw those '2 we knew our 'search for Gilligan and Skipper was over." The 2 heard about the auditions from family members who reside in California and kept on bugging the 2 to come out and visit them, and while doing ·so, audition for the parts. "Whenever we go to new places people tell us how much we remind them of Skipper and ,Gilligan," stated Soil<, "So we decided, with the urging of friends and family, to take the chance in cashing in on our similarities to , these 2 stars." we will be frequenting the beaches to check out all of those California · girls," stated Parris, "This sure will be a change from the life I live in Alpena, you would have to call it a little more interesting," he continued_ After the 2 get settled they plan on flying all of their friends and • family to California to attend a big bash at their mansion. Live enter- tainment at this party is to be provided by their newest friends, Jon BonJovi. This is expected to be the event of the year in Holly- wood with a limited number of exclusive guests being invited. (I to r)Curt Soik, J D Parris, and an unknown island inhabitant. What is remarkable about the whole thing is that neither Parris nor Saik has had any acting lessons what so ever. "The entire staff of MGM is in agreement that they do not need any acting lessons," stated Mary Smith, vice president of MGM. "It is as if they are what the original characters were based on to begin with," she continued. The 2 will be encountering drastic changes with their new found success with both leaving behind the lives of college students. This stardom ends Soik's job as a cook at the Big Boy resteraunt and Parris's duties as an employee of ACC in the, Audio-Visual room. This sudden success is still quite hard for both of them to com_pre- hend after the Jive's they have both grown accustom to: "When we aren't taping shows or spending our . money on cars, houses, boats and things like that, The 2 pals are being flown to California to prepare for filming so that everything will be ready to roll in time for the fall season. The • filming is expected to begin on APRIL FOOL'S DAY----!!!! The ACC Board, in regular session, voted to board up all windows on the main campus, including the Graphic Arts Build_ing_ On the heels of 2 recent break-ins in VLH, the Board decided to remove temptation · from potential felons. "The . most cost-effective was of defending the buildings . from : fu ther breakins, according to Steven "Steve" Shaw, Director . of Campus Security, "is to ' safegaurd all first floor open- ings." The Board noted other rrrrrrtrr considerations as well. Head of Campus Climate Control, Jeremy Hilderbrand, presented what he called "substantial savings" of from $300.00 to $600.00 per building per day in heating costs. "The college would save at least $18,000 a month during the winter, "Hilderbrand said. During the meeting, the Board appointed a special committee to investigate the J_J_)J_J_J_J__))_J iiiiiii kinds of wooden covers that could be used for the project. The committee will consider suggestions made at the meet- ing, including diagonal style squares and treated pressboard painted to match the brick design of each building, as well Witt's Spring Combat Plan Spring has sprung, the flowers are in bloom, and what is the other sign of spring? Why the return of Don Witt the geese to the ACC campus, that's what. This year Don Witt, head of the janitorial personnel, says he is ready and has a plan to combat the geese and their unsightly deposits - as finding other possibilities. In an -fntervTew with Witt, he on the ACC campus. outlined his plan. He has been in . touch with the department of the DNR and secured their help with the geese that plague the campus. They will be setting nets at both the fr.ant and back of Van Lare Hall,,... the two worst areas hit by the invading geese. ' Then, with the help of the stu- dent volunteers, they will proceed with a "goose drive" to round up the pesky animals. The DNR will then transfer the geese to the wil.d- fowl sanctuary at the corner of· US23 and Lqng Rapids road. If the first roundup is successful, Witt says more roundups will be planned until the geese realize they cannot run the campus. Witt also asks the more willing students for help cleaning up after the fine-feathered fowl. "Pooper- scoopers" will · be available at all janitorial rooms in all buildings. There will also be handy bins near the areas hardest hit. The committee will also recommend a contractor to do the work. The committees' choice will be voted on at the next regualr meeting. When the project is complete, all first floor windows, except those in entrance doors, will be covered. The second, third, and fourth floors of NRC will be left as is. When asked how he thinks the students will react to the project, Shaw replied, "The students know about our security troubles. I'm sure they support us 100%." If there are no snags in contrac- tor selection, the project should be completed, the Board hopes, by late April or the first week in May.

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