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News Page 2 December 10, 2002 World Center for Concrete Technology: ACC Students Learn· at.One of the Best Facilities in the Nation Photo by Sara Lyon Nicholas Zdybel works on a concrete testing machine. SARALYON Managing Editor MATT PETROVICH P.O. V. Editor The World Center for Concrete Technology offers an associate in applied science that is one of it's kind in the nation. Man)' people may be unaware of how special this program is, and what it has to offer. Students in the program have the opportunity to learn through a comprehensive curriculum that includes working on mechanical and electrical components that are exactly identical to the equipment in a company's facility. The curriculum includes a great deal of hands-on technology. A combination of on the job training and traditional classroom time, give the students a great opportunity to learn while having a simulated work environment. Started in 1966, the WCCT has been around for 36 years. It was only until August of 2000 that the new, $8 million center was :finished. Harris Hall furnishes WCCT students with a complete working model of a concrete production plant. This allows students to graduate with sufficient skills and training needed to make a transition, from classroom to work environment, with little or no additional guidance. Students also have the opportunity to help research various methods to continuously better concrete technology. In addition to helping inventors with new concrete products, students also assist in recycling waste materials into concrete. Block-makers' Workshops are offered throughout the year for people who are already in the industry to advance their skills and help climb the corporate ladder to success. Also, when the employee returns to work, they can share the learned information and help other employees in the plant. The Concrete Technology Program at ACC has been hailed by many industries as number one in concrete education throughout the nation. "Students who graduate have 100% job placement rating from WCCT," said Jim Hayford, the Executive Director of WCCT. "Students from all over the United States come to Alpena just for our program," Hayford also said. "There aren't many programs out there like ours. We focus on specialized areas . When a student graduates, job opportunities are everywhere." Community College and niversity, Parallel Worlds ... Continued from Pagel Another difference between academic life at ACC and academic life at a university is the use of the syllabus. At a university, professors may only refer to the syllabus dur- ing the first week of classes. Students must remember to consult their syllabi for up- coming due elates of papers, quizzes, presentations, and exams. The professors will expect students to be pre- pared for all assignments, even when reminders are not given in class. On the other hand, most instructors at ACC will remind students of approaching deadlines and will often giv.e them time in class to work on assignments. · Student life outside classes is very different at a univer- sity than here at ACC. Uni- versities have many organiza- tions in which students can become involved. Students can join groups demonstrat- ing their interests in: politics, academics, the~r future pro- fession, religion, or their eth- nic heritage, to name just a few. "At MSU there are nu- merous activities to be in- volved in, allowing students to individually tailor their level of Meningitis Invades Student Living KARA EUBANK in behavioral and social Features Editor aspects is a major factor. Some symptoms include, Meningitis strikes about high fever, stiff neck, nausea, 3,IXX>Americansandclaims vomiting and discomfort 300 lives every year. Out of looking at bright lights and these cases, 100-125 of sleepiness. Meningitis is them occur on college often confused with the flu campuses. because the symptoms are Meningitis is the infection of very similar. fluidthatsurroundsthebrain Students should seek or a person's spinal cord. It medical care immediately if is caused by a viral or two . or more symptoms bacterialinfection. occur at one time. The Viral meningitis is less infection progresses quickly. sever and usually follows If untreated, it can be fatal an uneventful course. The within hours of first bacterial meningitis can be symptoms. life threatening. Although There are vaccinations not highly contagious some against meningitis. The formsofbacterialmeningitis vaccination can prevent are. It can be spread against four strains of the through the exchange of disease that causes about respiratory and throat 70% of the cases in the U.S. secretions (coughing, Thevaccineissafewithmild kissing). and infrequent side effects. The Saint Mary's College Other ways to maximize Health and Wellness yourbody'simmunesystem Services stated that college is to eat a balanced diet, get freshmen, those who live in rest and exercise. Also, dormitoriesareathigherrisk avoid making a habit of formeningoccaldiseasethan sharing drinks and mostpeople. Collegeliving cigarettes. involvement in specific activi- ties to improve their re- sumes," said Kyle Gobrogge, former ACC stu- dent and current Michigan State University student. Ellis said at SVSU there are af- ter-hours events hosted by the university that provide al- ternatives to drinking. For instance, there is a rec cen- ter/game room ope untfl 2 in wibich stude ts 1¥~ play games or use omput- ers. Because of its sinaller en- rollment, ACC does not have the large number of extracur - ricular opportunities offered by a university, which leads Students and Staff Donate Their Time and Blood to "decreases in research op- portunities and networking;' said Gobrogge, but it does offer some organizations that students may join, such as Student Senate, the Bike and Boot Club, and Phi Theta Kappa. Again, because of enroll- ment size, a university offers more cultural events that stu- dents may attend than does CC. Events at a university may include: a poetry read- ing at a cafe, musical and the- ater productions, visiting art and historical museums, or taking a walk in the gardens. ACC, while small, does bring many worthwhile cultural events to its campus: the Spotlight Series, theatrical productions, and concerts featuring the ACC Jazz Band, for example. Tradition is a major aspect of university life. Waking up at 6 a.m. to go tailgating at football games and cheering your team to victory with the school'~ fight song are memo- ries shared by current and past students ofuniversities. "There's a lot more tradition at State," said a former ACC student and current Michigan State University student. Even though A CC is a smaller school, it also has strong tra- ditions. For instance, the events surrounding the annual homecoming: the games, the crowning of king and queen, and the dance. Students transferring from a smaller college, like ACC, to a larger university will find many changes in their lives both academically, such as larger and more impersonal classes, and socially, like the availability of nearby con- certs. For those of you plan- ning to transfer to a univer- sity, remember that ACC is a stepping-stone to prepare you for those changes. Recently the Red Cross held a blood drive here on ACC's campus. The goal was to have 40 people donate blood. The total that showed up for the event was 51 and 45 were able to give blood. Photo by Israel Munsey Dan Rothe, math instructor at ACC, entertains Red Cross staff, onlooker as hedonates blood. Photo by Israel Munsey Student Senate President Jonathon Brege gives fellow students a few words of encouragement before donating blood. Photo courtesy Israel Munsey Israel Munsey, feeling a littlefaint, gives a precious donation.

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