The Lumberjack Vol.5, Iss.4, 3 March 2003, p. 2

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News Page 2 March 3, 2003 Benson Brings New Dining Experience to the Bay Local Restaurant Owner Moves Jeppetto's and Re-opens· The Bird's Nest SARALYON Managing Editor Right on Starlight Beach in Alpena, you can find a new restaurant that offers three different menus an'Cl environments. Jon Benson, the owner of JJ's, Bogarts, Magoo's, and JJ's Catering has opened the new and improvedJeppetto's (On the Bay), Charlie's, and The Bird's Nest. The restaurant has three different dining areas. The first is a family dining atmosphere, the second is a lounge, and the third is a fine casual dining atmosphere. A few years ago, The Bird's Nest was the family dining restaurant, Charlie's was the lounge, and The Thunderbird was the fine dining restaurant. When the restaurants were bought out, J epetto' s now sits on Lake Huron's shoreline. The Bird's Nest became the Crow's Nest and The Thunderbird became Spinnakers. After Benson bought the restaurants, he decided to bring back The Bird's Nest and move his restaurant, Jeppetto's, from Second Avenue to this new location on the lake. With bringing back the old Bird's Nest name, he also has brought back their menu including the low family prices. Benson has kept Charlie's as the a nice, quiet dinner. Charlie's is like a bar, but more of a relaxing lounge. "We want you to feel comfortable in our restaurants. There's no need to dress up, you can come as you are," said Jim smith, the General Manager of Benson's restaurants. Jeppetto's, known before as the little Italian restaurant in a basement, has undergone a little bit of a make-over itself. They now serve seafood, steaks, and ofcourse Italian. J eppetto 's Photo by Sara Lyon has also lowered some of its menu. They do not serve lounge, and Spinnaker's is lunch as of now; however, now Jeppetto's On the Bay. in April, Charlie's will be At The Bird's Nest, you can serving lunch in the dining bring the entire family. area of Jeppetto's with a Jeppetto's on the Bay is a newmenuwithlunchitems. casual place, and you don't Charlie's lunch time will be need to dress up, but it's a menu between The Bird's more of an atmosphere for Nest and Jeppetto's, offering the best of both sides. Also available is Jeppetto's Banquet Facilities. If you have a large party and would like to dine, J eppetto' s offers a private room and wi11 facilitate all of your banquet needs. The new restaurant opened on February 3rd, 2003. The Bird's Nest is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., and closed on Sunday. Jeppetto's is open Monday through Thursday from 4 pm. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday is closed. Charlie's is open from 11 to 11 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and on Saturday from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. and closed on Sunday as well. Identity Theft: New Wave of Crime ACC Pathways CONNIE IRLAND ... Continued from page 1 of identity theft, according to for unauthorized electronic include sweatshirts and a palm pilot. On the last night of the workshops, an ACC scholarship of $250 will be given out. Staff Writer ChuckTetzlaff. withdrawals and your bills for In addition to information on Any information that identifies unauthorized charges. Identity theft can happen to you legally, gives access to your If your bank statement or anyone.Age, gender, ethnicity, credit, or could be used to gain credit card bills are late, they none of it matters, however; infonnationputyouatrisk. Other could have been stolen and there are ways to protect such items as your address, the thief could ose your bank yourself phone number, social security or credit card numbers for a ToeACClibraryisbeginning nurnber,andanybankorcredit month or two before it is to make changes in response account numbers can also be a discovered. toooncem.fromthecoomunity ·risk 1 0ftenthethiefisso tX?nqi and the realization that this is Only carry the identification know; perh ps, ev a anily one of the fastest growing you need. Don't carry your member.Ifthis nstoyou crimes.Librarycardnurnbers social security card in your there are some gteat tips on willnolongerbeyoursocial walletunlessyouplantouseit. handling the situation at: security number. They are now Only carry one or two credit This going to use your initials and cards. includes suggestionsfordealing date of birth. Any materials Be careful when giving out with the situation, and a form containing social security personal information. Never forreporting it and having the numbers are being moved to give out personal information friend or loved one accept theofficewheretheywillnot over the phone unless you responsibility. be accessible to the public. made the call, or know the Other tips can be found at Also,anurnberofbookshave caller. and different careers, Career Pathway Nights provides a FinancialAid Workshop. This session, held on March 26th, offers an opportunity to learn about how to pay for college. Door prizes will be available each night, some donated by Piz;za Hut and Pepsi. Others ACC's food service provides dessert and beverages after the sessions. Presenters will be available to speak to students on a one to one basis. Job shadowing sign-up sh~ets are also Residents and Local Law Enforcement Cr·ack D·own· been urchasedonthesub'ect Check ourbankstatements www.dcaca ov. Oil Noise ACC Board of Trustees Approves Newly Amended Gun Policy Pollution KARA EUBANK· Features Editor Recent legislation and national events have raised issues regarding weapons, :firearms or explosives on the property of educational.institutions. With the passage of Public Act # 381, 2000, ACC wanted to address this matter more specifically. Revisions to the already standing weapons policy were made. The revisions are as follows: The Board of Trustees recognizes its responsibility for ·the safety and welfare of the students, staff, and general public, to preserve the physical assets of the Colkge, and to permit no disruptive action that would hinder students in the pursuit of their educational goals or inteifere in any way with the Board and its representatives in the orderly \' peiformance of their duties. Since all College property including vehicl,es is used for instructional purposes, 'and, therefore, all spaces are considered "classrooms," the carrying ofweapons,firearms, or expwsives is not permitted unless necessary for instruction or the peiformance of authorized activi~es. This policy shall apply to all College empwyees, College students, and visitors on College property regardless of whether or not they are ~ licensed to carry a concealed weapon and shall further apply to off-campus activities such as field trips, extension courses, and curricular events/activities. The only exception to this policy is licensed law enforcement officers. Violations of this policy will result in disciplina,ry action up to and including discharge and/ or expulsion. " The Board approved the newly amended policy. Itis now in effect for all students, guests, and faculty of ACC. Oscoda Survey Reveals Some Conflicting Ideas About Local Noise Ordinances MIKEGARY Huron Shores .Boom! Boom!! BOOM!!! The· sound of a loud stereo today is distinctive, but shouldn't there be rules as to where and when they should be heard? I conducted a small survey in Oscoda, Michigan and found that 70% of people over the age of 30 think that car stereos with loud bass should be turned down after 8 P.M. every night, while 85 % of people under 30 think the curfew for stereos should be at 10 P.M. With conflicting ideas, who gets to say what the actual curfew is? This is when the law comes in. According to officer Michael Gombos of Oscoda Township, if a complaint is made about a stereo and the police catch the person playing loud music in that area again, they can confiscate the stereo system. offered each night. There is no cost to attend afly of the workshops, but a RSVP is necessary. The coordinators need to know the amount of materials required for each session in advance. If you are interested in exploring different career choices, contact Cindy Besaw, Secretary of Educational Talent Search, BTC 108, 358-7348. The cities of Oscoda and Alpena have noise ordinances and it is a ticket able and arrest able misdemeanor to disobey this law. Alpena Community College has no rules about stereos being played on campus and few complaints are made about the lo® music being played neaF classes. A man that wants to remain anonymous said, "We just want the kids to have respect and not play the stereos a! inconvenient times."

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