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PagB2 In the Hallways: What is your reaction to the election? "It sucks." - Kyrey Kuffel, student "I'm happy that John Kerry won Michigan, how- ever I do not enjoy our current president at all." -Jessica Slominski, Student Senate President "I don't think that it is good for our country that Bush got re- elected." - Alicia Estlack, student A complete wrap-up or Alpena's 2004 Election Alpena County, Michigan General Election, Tues ay, November 2, 2004 Representative Matt Gillard won 9,706 votes in Alpena County, (photo courtesy Prosecuting Attorney: Dennis P. Grenk:owicz Sheriff: Steven J. Kieliszewski County Clerk: Bonnie Friedrichs County Treasurer: Joelyn McCallum Register of Deeds: Kathy J. Matash County Drain Commissioner: Donald E. Bartosh "I'm disap- pointed." - Jake Dewitt, student President George W. Bush won 50% of Alpena County, with 7,665 votes. (photo courtesy Commissioner: Justice of the Supreme Thomas G. Mullaney Court: Mairlyn Kelly Members of the Board of Regents Stephen J. Markman of University of Michigan OliviaP. Maynard Judge of the Court of S. Martin Taylor Appeals: Donald Owens Members of the Board of Trustees William C. Whitbeck of Michigan State University: Melanie Foster Judge of the Court of Phil Thompson Appeals (Partial Term): Members of the Board of Gover- Stephen L. Borrello nors of Wayne State University Members of the State Tina Abbot Board of Education: Annetta Miller Nancy Danhof Robert M. Smart "I'm kinda mad, "I was pleased to but oh well." see the number - Tom Bussey, of voters." student - Bill Matzke, Book store manager Congressman Bart Stupack won 75% of Alpena County, with 11,227 votes. (photo courtesy Proposal 1 (voter approval of any form of gamlbing): Passed - 8,543 votes in Alpena County Proposal 2 ( ... union of a man and a woman): Passed - 9,635 votes in Alpena County American Disabilities Act Proposition -A New Millage: Did Not Pass Countywide Drug Interdiction Program (HUNT): Did Not Pass "It was a tighter race than I thought it would be." - Matt Dunckel, professor of history and geography Navsm/JtJr B. 2004 In the Hallways: What is your reaction to the election? "I am thrilled with the outcome." - Penny Boldrey, ACC Foundation "I have a con- cern that power is vested in one philosophical side of the spectrum" -Tim Kuehnlein, professor of political science "I'm glad it's over." - Karen Eller, administrative assistant "Cool Cities" should make community better Don'1:·forget 1:0 retnetnber ... fridaY is Continued from page 1 two thirds of the initial project, however additions have been made and plans have been updated. To receive the "Cool Cities" grant, the city had to let the state's Cool Cities Advisory Committee know that there was an interest in the initiative and apply for the grant. The title of "Cool City" has added to Alpena' s credential. Development Authority reconstructRiverstreet. (DDA) has been helpful, as The City of Alpena is also well as the Jesse Besser in the process of developing Museurn,AlpenaLibrary and their cultural plan. City the school system. planners and commissioners ACC DaY! Wear something ACC 4' receive 25%0ff a Clothing purchase (sate items exc1uded) Jack Sez. ... Vou can't Start CtJrlStmas Chopping tooea'r!Y! The·river walk, which is being constructed, will have a historic focus. The city will put up signing in the near future. The signing is currently being designed for the walk. The city isn't alone with the planning of "Cool Cities;" they have a couple big partners and supporters. Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary has the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which will manage the underwater shipwrecks. The Downtown The plans for infrastructure will be meeting to discuss a being developed include cultural plan, to see how they expandingtheDial-A-Ride can develop art in the transportation route. Some of community, which rnay in tum the regulations of the grant spark economic growth. demand each selected city to Cline understands that the focus on specific categories. "Cool Cities" initiative will be In Alpena's case, the a three-year program, expanded Dial-A-Ride rninirnurn.Clinebelievesthis routes have become the focus initiative will work, although of the cool cities hedoesn'tthinkthatpeople "neighborhood" category. will be able to pinpoint one The city also hopes to aspect of the construction. He redevelop the downtown believes that it will add to the businesses. Cline notes that community as a whole. theredevelopmentisgoingto "The idea that you can involve a lot of partnership. come back and have good The DD.A has started a paying jobs and have a fa9ade improvement community that has vibrancy program. Thecityhasapplied to it," Cline said. "If the for a grant to improve North program went away, it is a Riverfront and they have put concept of which we can in a grant application to move forward. The concept, Michigan Economic in general, is a good Development Corporation to . concept." ... -*. u

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