The Lumberjack February 5, 1991, 5 February 1991, p. 1

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Issue 5 =e LUMBER Published by the students of Alpena Community College ACK February 1991 ACC students make a difference by Rich Spicer Two Al Community College students, Curt Spigelmyre and Rich Hibner, are volunteering their time to informative causes. Spigelmyre, a sophomore, is vice-president of the Thunder Bay So ie into the_ position this past November when the group’s previous vice-president became ill. He first became interested in the recycling issue ‘when he read a booklet about it, and says, "Most landfills are filled up so the only option is to . We're actually living on our own garbage.” One item the group is focusing attention on is curbside recycling’. For this concept, Alpena City residents are to'leave recyclable materials by the street for pick-up. Spigelmyre stresses the importance of this concept and eae material can be stored. They also hope that an area trash hauler will volunteer its services to: truck that material to the Alpena County Transfer Station, which is located just west of the DNR field offices on M-32. Spigelmyre states that some individuals are inconvenienced by having to drive such a distance to drop off their material, and says that having a hauler take the materials there would ensure more materials are cled and, consequently, would contribute to a better environment. Dl S. Sheridan Street, Alpena. The group meets on _ the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Alpena City Council Chamber at City Hall. all interested persons are encouraged toattend. Hibner, a freshman, will moderate a discussion in February as part of the Alpena Community Forum. The forum will educate participants on today’s crucial issues of society, and give people an opportunity to discuss their viewpoints and opinions on those issues. Hibner’s forum, entitled ”Growing Up At Risk”, will be conducted in Room 450 of the Natural Resources Center, on February 26th, beginning at 7:15 p.m. A member of ACC's Presidential ership Committee, Hibner received a __letter asking _ if he wanted to become a part of the forum, at and be said, ”I guess T’ll try it.” People can gain, from attending the sessions Hibner _ says. It encourages people to perhaps strike out on their own.” He points to last year’s session on the ~ subject of day care, saying that ”it got people to go out and possibly try to change things. That’s the. whole concept... to be able to go and see other people’s viewpoints and possibly reach a common ground and then go out and try ao continue bettering the situation... <- addition to day care, last for confronted _ such upco! iscussed are "Regaining The Competitive Edge -- Are We up To The Job?” and ”Abortion”. The forums will be held on the fourth Tuesday of 356-9021, ext. 234. Hibner adds by Oa LaFave to its report, in the ‘past six months, the Alpena Community College Foundation Board has accepted over $40,000 in donations to invest toward future needs at ACC. The Alpena Community College Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting ACC’s educational mission. The ~— Foundation supports quality post-secondary education to meet the needs and interests of Northeastern Michigan. Records to the Foundation’s director Lorraine Ruther, “The organization has been active since 1963, but it served only as a scholarship committee. In the early 80’s the Foundation began to take a more-assertive approach to support both student and staff that ”Study guides are available at the ACC bookstore and are highly recommended. Each forum has a different study guide.” $3.95, or the guides can be borrowed from ACC or Alpena County Library. __ Hibner — enter ~ encourages —any— interested persons to attend and states, ”I think it will be a lot of fun.” Rich Hibner is a member of “the ACC Leadership Committee. Foundation investing in ACC’s future development.” When asked about the a eo Foundation plays in progress and development, aor President Dr. Donald Newport overall progress. The Foundation provides funds that are essential for this college to be a truly first rate institution. Since we are now seeing funds from other sources become more restricted, private sector support is crucial to ACC’s future success.” The Foundation —_ accepts donations from the private sector in the form of cash, securities, properties, or bequests. These donations are invested, and the interest is put to many different uses. For instance, the Foundation administers 20 : Curt Spieglmyer, Vice-President of Thunder Bay Recyclers, has converted his environmental concern into action. ‘February is Community by ‘Yvonne FaFave ”The —_ purpose this celebration is to. promote public awareness importance of community colleges to the lucation system,” says Carlene Przykucki,. ACCs Public Relations Director. scholarships available to ACC students annually. Ruther says, ”Between Sept. 22, 1990 and Jan. 17, 1991, the Foundation accepted $40,157.65 in donations.” This money is invested, and the interest generated will support various segments of the college community. For the next 16 months, the Foundation will also be focusing on matching the grant and funds supplied for ACC's building *The fundamental to the growth and development of the college. Private sect since we have built such an active ershi between this institution and _ Northeastern Michigan.” College Month at ACC Se epee: and stitutions — which the associate degree is the highest credential awarded. Today, there are 1,2II of these institutions across America. Community College Month aims to focus on the associate degree as a valuable credential that be a great asset in the job market. ACC plans to utilize the month to enlighten area residents about the advantages and course possibilities available. ughout the month, area radio stations will air public awareness spots promoting ACC. scheduled, and Feb. 9 will be ACC Day at Alpena Mall. Media Day at ACC will be an opportunity for interested residents to learn more about the campus. Przykucki also invites students to check out the bulletin board near the public relations office in the Natural Resources Center for more information. |MARCH: LBJ looks into scholarships and functing

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