The Polemic Issue 1, 25 September 1991, p. 1

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po-lem.- tte ae po-).adj. [< Fr. < Gr. polemikos MOS, a Wi . of or an voline dispute; entoveaial 2 argumentative oe . for 2, n. 1. cua to argument —po-lem/i-cal-ly ado. WEBSTER’S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY, Second Concise Edition Copyright © 1982 and 1975, 1977, 1979 by Simon & Schuster, ument or conteoveral discussion 2. a person in- Students speak Page 3 New assistant deans Page 5 X-Country meet Page 12 THE POLEMIC by Jackie Skaluba J don’t think we should have as many laws as we do, regulating everything that comes down the pipe. Laws take away the rights of the people.” ACC instructor Bob. Fournier. has announced his candidacy for Representative of the 106th district early in order to get. out his message. *J expect the Republican party will spend $500,000 to hold onto this district. I don’t have that kind The ae are higher. Fournier sees the astronomical costs of health care and the high number of people who do not have health insurance as major issues. Mid-East expert t6 knowledge on the anne find” the miniscule country _ of Kuwait. Dateline: August 2, 1990. Iraq Months later the U.S. is embroiled in a finacially costly war with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Americans then find their fate intertwined with this not so distant Uy, conflict. Now after the intervention is ee many questions still oe ann our myelin in the Persian fe the fact that we can no Ge ignore the political, economic and social forces of the world. This fall, Alpena students will have the Tare opportunity to lear from an individual who has a wealth of Op tic, “Ther that can’t be solved over time.. We the students of Alpena Fournier tosses his hat into the ring He lists as additional concerns: -- the need to attract high-tech jobs and _ small businesses to the area, and the short-comings of the educational system. According to Fournier, ”Michigan’s educational system has had financial problems for a long time. The Michigan Education Association (MEA) is putting together, for the first time, a really workable approach to the problem.” Fournier plans to attend a Sault Ste. Marie need to understand that we're responsible, we're accountable. Raising taxes isn’t the solution to funding the educational yee Tegion we commonly refer to as the Middle East. On October 16, Mr... Walter Cutler = his distinguished Meridian House Cutler’s presentation will concern the many unanswered questions in the Middle Hast, including the United State’s new role in this unsettled region. The primary goals of Mr. Cutler's presentation is to enhance understanding of our third world neighbors and offer first-hand insights about the future of those regions. Looking at daycare, Fournier done, he believes that ”. .. ACC and Alpena General Hospital must take leading roles, give of their expertise. That’s just good management.” ournier has concerns about the politics of ee and feels it could better be ”. ved in an unbiased, manent way 7 paver PS Meat a van ce ard to of students at ‘Alpena Community College, ~ environmental issues arose. Fournier responded, ”I know in my heart that we must do it (recycling). bs have mixed emotions. = cerning the WERS eeillty. ora concerned about (burning) plastics. P’ll shake the bushes and find out.” Instructor Fournier has begun his campaign for political office based on the premise that less government is better government. Freedom of speech on university campuses under attack é by Jackie Skaluba From the House Republican Press Office comes word of one legislator’s reaction to the efforts by some colleges and universities to restrict free speech on campus. ”They have succumbed to the siren song of intimidation by those who preach mandatory rrectness’,” according to State Rep. te Dresch, R-Hancock. Drescl has introduced ‘cen 2 protect the First endment rights of students. This legislation parallels the efforts 2 the Michigan chapter of eS which has filed suit against the University of Michigan. At issue are certain policies adopted by the’ university which places restrictions on student's speech. Governor: Engler, in “Alpena briefly this month, commented, ?We better defend the right of people to speak. It is the history and tradition of universities to tolerate a wide range of views”. ACC President Dr. Donald Newport added, Rights and freedoms always bring with them Tesponsibilities, even with something so cherished as the freedom of speech . . . often the issue boils down to motivation: Certainly when censorship is used to inhibit the exchange of ideas or facts or as a means of arbitrary control, then few would debate our rightful freedom of. expression. But, again, a right to extend my fist ends where another’s nose begins.” Former advisor to ACCs student newspaper, instructor Jim Miesen, feels, “While state Rep. Dresch’s fears regarding misguided restrictions on student’s rights of free speech on college campuses may be valid, his statements are really nothing more — than over-blown rhetoric which in simplest terms, state that these restrictions should not be allowed. "If the legislation would official did not agree with a student publication’s right to print, then that act should be supported”. ACC advisor Frank McCourt was brief: "This is a crock. We have to teach our students to be somewhat sensitive”. University of Michigan faculty are calling the current charges of left-wing censorship, political, correctness’ fever.” In an attempt to counter what they see as a *frame-up”, a conference for November 15 - 17, has been scheduled in hopes of clearing up the ae confusion and misinformation’

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