The Campus Update Vol.4, Iss.9, 20 January 1982, p. 1

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VOLUME FOUR ISSUE NINE CAMPUS UPDATE Alpena Community College, Alpena, MI JANUARY 20, 1982 _SPOTLIGHT ON TECH PROGRAMS Abbie M. Copps Poetry Competition The Olivet College Abbie M. Copps Peotry Competition is for short, unpublished poems. A prize of $150 is awarded and the winning poem is published in the College’s literary magazine, Garfield Lake Review. Poems selected for Honor- able Méntion are also published in the Review. Entries for this year’s competi- tion must be postmarked no later than February 5. The winning poem will be read March 5 in the Olivet College’s Margaret Upton yei M: Copps poet, Dia Wakoski. Ms. Wakoski, judge for the competition, will present a reading of her own works on March 5. She will also conduct a workshop for poets at 10 a.m. the following day, March 6, in the Dole Hall Blue Room. Past judges of the com- petition include Robert Bly, Alan Dugan, Dan Gerber, William Ever- son (Brother Antoninus), Galway Kinnell, Denise Levertov, W.D. Snodgrass and Gary Snyder. The rules are as follows: 3 1, The entry fee is $2 per poem, More than one poem may be en- tered, but each must be entered seperately. Poems submitted with- out entry, fees will be discarded. 2.-The entrant's name should not appear on the poem. Each poem and fee must be accompanied by a sealed envelope with the first line of the poem on the outside. En- closed should be the entrant’s name and address. “3. Poems cannot be returned. 4. Entries must be postmarked before February 5, 1982. . Send entries to: Linda Jo Scott Copps Poetry Competition Olivet College Olivet, Michigan 49076 a GOOD LUCK POETS! Several students had a hard time making it to class on the first day. REEVES VS REEVES In this first issue of our Spring Semester we will be introducing a new writer, Greg Reeves, from our staff. As it happens, he is the brother of ~ Joel Reeves, our ‘Manifested Freshman’. Regular readers may find a similar style, yet both are quite unique. We hope all our readers find these columns as enjoyable as we do. In the future both Reeves’ will be found on the editorial page. Greg Reeves Hello, Try not to read too much into that first word, it is only a greeting. My name is Greg Reeves. This is the first column I’ve ever written and it is appropriate that | reveal some of my past history to you in order to engender a flow of sympathy between myself and you, the reader. | went to ACC a few years ago and now | am back. | couldn't make it on the outside and after a few pathetic scenes in the oe office they let me back . The twenty-one dollars a credit ale brie didn’t hurt either. | wrote sports for.this newsletter ‘when it was a newspaper. Heavy on the sarcasm here. | then graduated, my mistake, ‘I'll know ‘better next time, then went on to Central Mich- igan: where | majored in Nonsale- ( Continued on page four ) —Editors Joel Reeves What | did over Christmas vaca- tion, or how | saved the world, or how | raised-enough money to pay second semester's tuition. Not having much else to do this vacation | decided | might as well be out saving the world. Well, to be fair, | did. get a little help from my old high school buddy, Dapswagger. | don’t mind mention- ing Buffo now since he won't be around anymore. Buffo will prob- ably go down as the only’ human bomb ever to have been dropped on a Soviet bloc country. Anyway, Buffo picked me up.on Christmas morning in his private plane. | can’t be sure, but it looked like one of those WW | planes. One the Red Baron shot down. Pulling a map from my pocket | showed. ( Continued on page four ) Buffo . SEE PAGES TWO AND THREE 1982 Homecoming by Donna Gillard The 1982 ACC Homecoming act- ivities will _ kick-off with the Women’s Basketball game against Henry Ford Community College January 30 at 6:00 P.M. The men’s Lumberjack team will face off with HFCC at 8:00 P.M. ACC President Charles Donnelly fey crown the indsa as master a “cere: One. The “Whiz Kids” will per- form at a dance at the Fletcher Motels from 10:00 P.M. ‘til 2:00 A.M. This is free of charge to all students, guests, and alumni. Free Tickets to Upcoming Events ~~ by Jenni Ritzler Classic films! Theater! Concerts! Alpena Community College offers students free tickets to several productions scheduled during the spring semester. “Come Back Little Sheba’, an Alpena Community Theater pro- duction, is set for March 3-7. The Thunder Bay Arts Council will pre- sent the following programs: : Pennsylvania Boys Choir, April 1 Meadow Brook Theater, April 25 Teddy Roosevelt, May 10 Tickets for performances will be limited and may be picked up at the Besser Tech. lobby. Student 1.D. is required. According to Henry Valli, coun- selor, admission is also free to stu- dents who wish to attend the var- ious classic film presentations held on campus. Schedules of the films «will be posted on campus bulletin boards. ( See page four for complete list )

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