The Campus Update Vol.5, Iss.1, 22 September 1982, p. 1

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VOLUME FIVE ISSUE _CNE) CAMPUS UPDATE Alpena Community College, Alpena, MI SEPTEMBER 22, 1982 Archaeology Class Makes a Major Find by Andy Trego Several pieces of previously un- known Indian artifacts were recent- ly discovéred near Alpena by Richard Clute and his class of 12 ar- chaeology students. The disk-shaped stones, found near Squaw Bay and three locations around Alpena last May, are esti- mated to be from the Algonquian tribe of about 1300 A.D. although no conclusive tests to determine their age have yet been performed. Clute said he decided to excavate after learning that-“‘people garden- ing in the area had been finding them for years.” All of the approximately 150 well-- preserved discs are inscribed with symbols which Clute has seen be- fore is never on meres like these. He theo bat ion of i Stidies : th three day MidWerE™ logy Conference at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History starting October 1. This winter both he and Charles Cleland, an archaeologist from the MSU museum, will be try- ing to decipher the meaning of these mysterious stones. Together, their conclusions will be published in American, Antiquity, Journal of the Society for American Archae- ology. The Indian discs are currently being stored at the Jesse Besser mu- seum.— Theatre Discount Alpena Community College is of- fering students a discount on State Theatre tickets for the entire sem- & Students may purchase their the- atre tickets at a rate of $1.50. This discount applies for shows playing Wednesday through Sunday. Ac- “cording to Frank McCourt, Student Services, students will need to pre- sent their fall semester schedule at the door until college |.D. cards are issued. Theatre schedules will be program “headed by “D ce Lawrence Boyer and Terry Hall is under way with an enrollment of 17 students and the strong support of both fac- ulty and administration. The program is composed of five areas of study including English Composition, Introduction to Pop- ular Art and Culture, Humanities, Language and Reason, and Begin- ning Hatha Yoga. As Boyer pointed out, Hatha Yoga is meant to pro- vide students in the program with* physical-exercise. This, according to research Boyer has studied, “will help students to develop concep- tually, mature better, and become sophisticated psychologi- One of the main objectives of the program—developed by Boyer and Hall and ‘approved by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)— is the development of stu- dent literacy. “There has been a dramatic decline of student literacy in the past 10 years,’’ says Boyer, “and we think it is even more dra- matic than what tests, such as the ACT or SAT, indicate.”” A second objective of the program is the development of conceptual capacities-which is the ability to form ideas. There is also the useful- ness of those conceptual skills in 2 Continued on Page 4 Early American disks excavated by the ACC Archaeology class. Grant Provides Nilo, Deaag al Graduate y seem a di sk, bu Henry cae ahd his crew Mion how to do it. His method is called. ‘Project Follow-Up.” Some of the questions asked include current employment ~ status, quality of instruction, cur- rent salary, if their job is related to the courses completed, if training received at ACC was useful in per- forming their job, and the availabi- lity of jobs in their occupational area. Questionaires are sent to all graduates at their last given address. Most students can be located; how- ever, the problem is in having the students send back the question- aires. The 1980-81 statistics were. not yet available so tallies from the 1979 graduates were used. In 1979, 173 graduated, of the 173, 77 or 448% were continuing their education. 95 or 55.2% were not. Of the current employment status 98 or 57.6% were employed. ~4 or 24% were in full-time military service. 18 or 10.6% unemployed but actively seeking employment. 50 or 29.4% not in labor force and not seeking employment because ‘of choice. Students who have completed courses in their major field of study were asked to rate the quality of Follow-up truction PERCENTAGE RESPONSE 67 or 43.5% Very Good 64 or 41.6% Good 19 or 12:3% Average 3 or 1.9% Poor 1 or.6% Very Poor Students currently employed were asked is the job related to the courses you have completed at~ ACG? 56 or 62.9% yes and 33 or 37.1% no. : Current salary averaged $857.24 . a month for full-time and $777.00 a month for part time. ~ Students were asked to rate the ~ training they received at ACC to its usefulness in performing their job: PERCENTAGE RESPONSE 28 or 34.1% Very Good 30 or 36.6% Good 16 or 19.5% Average 4 of 4.9% Poor 4 or 4.9% Very Poor Students were also asked to rate the availability of © tes in your occupational area: z PERCENTAGE 19or 21.6% 23 or 26.1% 18 or 20.5% 17 or 19.3% Mor 125%. oe

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