The Campus Update Vol.5, Iss.7 & 8, 15 December 1982, p. 1

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partment because it has been drop- CAMPUS UPDATE VOLUME FIVE ISSUES 7&8 Alpena Community College, Alpena, Ml DECEMBER 15, 1982 Merry Christ Christmas messages on pages 4 & 5 Spring Schedule Finds New Classes by Christy Preseau Scheduling for second semester is and will be going on until January 8. Mike Hood, who is head of records, was asked if there was a sig- nificant amount of classes not being offered for the coming semester compared. to previous years. His reply was, “Not really, but there have been reductions ‘in some areas, such as English, due to lower enroll- ment. The Art courses have been completely. removed from the ~-schedule because of a decline in en- rollment. There have been reduc- tions in the Physical Education De- ped as a requirement, for most pro- grams.” Even though the P.E. require- ments have been eliminated from state colleges. Although there have been a num: ber of reductions, there have also been increasing numbers: of classes pertaining to other departments which include: Business, Data Pro- cessing and Mathematics. ‘Death Trap’ Auditions by Kelly Fitzgerald The ACC Players would like to announce try-outs for the comedy / thriller ‘Deathtrap’. Auditions will be January 18th and 19th at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria at East Cam- us. a The play has three male roles and two female. Everyone is encouraged to come in and try. iCandle flames tall and eerie, Christmas lights bright and cheery, Woy and love, peace on earth, Music and a flaming hearth, ‘Tinsel draped around the tree Completes the yuletide fantasy -- And in the hearts of young and old iThere’s warmth negating December's cold. This a of Full si With ae nog, plum pudding and Caroling, Gives us@ fine opportunity to say: lave a wonderful Christmas — Every Day! love once more in by Jenni Ritzier allege faces jong winter. According te De lIsley, Diener of Buildings and Grounds, conserva- tion measures over the past years have helped tremendously in reduc- ing fuel usage. However, it is hard to stay ahead of the game when fuel costs have doubled in the past five years. Statistics for 1977-78 indicate that ACC utilized over 357,960 cu- _ bic feet of fuel'at a cost of $69,912. Figures for 1981-82 indicate fuel usage down at 319,349 eal feet, but at a higher cost of $136.883. Isley stated that weather condi- tions of this year are comparable with last year’s temperatures. Fuel usage has been down 11.7 percent over -the previous year, but fuel costs have risen .005 percent. Conservation measures have been taken in the following areas: All boilers are frequently checked and kept tuned for higher efficiency. Thermostats at the college are dial- ed down to 68 degrees during the day and reduced to 55 degrees at night. The time period for the over- night heating reduction has also _been extended by several hours to conserve, According to Ilsley, 60 percent of the outside of Van Lare Hall is encased in glass. These are single strength glass windows set in metal frames. A large percentage of that building’s heating loss is attributed to this window space. The college is gradually eliminating this problem by blocking off several areas. Future plans include Bringing 1 the number Fighting Heating Costs at ACC of windows in each class room at van Lare Hall down to two. y po ry We know that there area lot of things that could still be done. But it takes money in ‘order to save money and we're almost at a point where we just don’t have it.” Safety for the Holidays by Debbie Specht The Christmas Season is in full swing. The town is fully decorated, people are out buying gifts, as well as the traditional Christmas tree. And, of course, the traditional Christmas parties have begun. ever, every year communi- ties are struck with the loss of a life due to a drunk driver coming home from parties. The 1982 Fall Issue of Family Safety magazine published a report concerning drunk drivers and how to get them off the road. “Statistics show that seventy families a day are devastated by the loss of a loved one due to drunk driving,” states Vincent L. Tofany, president of the National Safety Council. “In the last 10 years alone, more than a quarter of a million families have suffered this nightmare. More than 6.5 million families have seen a member seriously injured by a drunken driver during the period.” An. organization called MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) has been formed by the relatives of innocent victims. M now has fourteen chapters around the coun- try, which lobby state legislatures, Photo by Andy Trego ted monitor court cases involving drunk drivers, and give advice to victims and survivors. Several points can be offered in order to insure protection for your- self against drunk drivers. Use your safety belts and insist that “everyone riding with you also buckle up. Wearing a safety belt is the single most effective counter- measure. Never get into a car with a per- son who has been drinking. Use the concept of the ‘designated driver.” , Select one person in advance to drive for the evening. Remember. “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Time is most essential in order to sobes you up. Taking cold showers r drinking black coffee is a myth. The National Safety Council recom- mends that before driving you wait .: at least an hour for every drink con- sumed. n Friday and Saturday nig! Statistics Hae that one out of every 10 or more drivers on the road is dangerously drunk. - Practice defensive driving. Keep our eyes moving as you drive. Keep a sharp lookout for impaired drivers and be ready to take evasive action. If you give a party, stop serving | alcoholic beverages at least one~ hour before the end of the party. If anyone is impaired, find them safe transportation home or allow that person to stay overnight to sleep it off. Christmas Dance The Christmas dance this year is being sponsored by the Forestry Club at ACC. Valis from Grand Rapids will be the band. performing on Friday, December 17th. The dance starts at :00 p.m. and ends at 1:00a.m. The Alpena. Armory downtown is. where the dance is being held. Admission is free with a student |.D. card. _The evening promises to be an exciting one. DON‘T FORGET!! There are 10 shopping days until Christmas.

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