The Campus Update Vol.5, Iss.9, 26 January 1983, p. 1

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VOLUME FIVE ISSUE 9 CAMPUS UPDATE Alpena Community College, Alpena, MI JANUARY 26, 1983 Foundation Proves to Be Successful by Lynn Lightner The two month, one week, and one day old ACC Foundation is showing a considerable amount of life. Thus far the Foundation has re- ceived a total of 70 donations and pledges. The Foundation ertivity as of January 18, $16,838 in donations received; $1,320 in pledges; and $11,700 in 10-year pl ledges. 3 The 816, 838 in donations re- es eet as follows: Euaa Popular/Classic fs Se by Steve Wright The: second film of the Classic — Film Series, sponsored by ACC, is “Manhattan”, starring and directed by Woody Alien. Referred to as Woody Allen's ceived $10,583 $3,250 ae fey Business and ake try Scholarship Fund, $1,000 for the Nursing Program, ‘$820 for the Jesse Besser Museum, and the bal- ance for staff grep Ine equip- ment, and ae program: ked his New Be the ge’ it ting it chon nd with conditions what they have been--it’s . met our expectations. ’* The first year goal of $100,000 is” still. far from being a reality; but, McCormack also expressed the opti- mism that with income tax time rolling around, donations might start rolling in also. Computer Club i by Jackie Timm ACC)2 reads like a chemical formula. Actually it is the name of the Alpena Seen. College Apple computer clu The purpose of the fledgling or- ganization is to offer opportunity. for people interested in Apple com- puters to meet and ‘exchange ideas, Membership. is not confined to people with college connections, but is open to anyone in the com- munity. According to Dr. Elbridge Dunckel, (ACC)2 organizer, the group plans to discuss and exchange ideas at meetings. Also, eventually a co-op purchasing program cou Id be organized if interest is indicated. the general emphasis on computers in society and Title III Grant monies at ACC, many people are involved in the day-to-day oper- ation of the computer. The Apple enthusiasts at the college decided to channel their enthusiasm and share their ideas. Gary Sparks and David Dierking have been involved in sim- ilar organizations Downstate, but Dunckel took the initiative to form. the local group. sietly combined film of ndntar drama. Plead Allen plays a iecuson writer who bounces in and out of various relationships in his search for the perfect woman. His most serious ea hi ith a one of the world’s most colorful cities in black and white. “Manhattan“ will be shown Feb- ruary 2nd in 127 of VLH at 3:00 p.m.and February 3rd in 150 of the NRC at 7:30 p.m. Student ad- mission by 1D card only. is Organized One doesn't need to own an Apple to join the group. Further information can be obtain- ed by contacting Elbridge Dunckel. Circle K Notes by Kathy Gauden The place and day of the Cirgle “K’" Club meetings has been chang- ed to Monday evenings at 5 p.m. in the D-House teacher's lounge at the Alpena High School. Anyone inter- ested is encouraged to attend. An old fashioned sleigt ride is being planned during the month of February for all A.C.C. students, by the Circle “K’’ Club. According to Paul Wegmeyer, Club President, transportation will be provided from Van Lare Hall out to the country where the sleigh ride will take place. There will be a small transportation fee. Everyone is en- ~ couraged to attend. scheduled date and time will be eed around A.C.C and printed in the Splinter. Down Home Safe _ Driving Tips by so Ritzler a seb?" pee you one like | teld ya?” “Yea, maw. : “Both tractors? “And paw ‘s new Cad-dee- lac?” then with them vee-hic-kles See | recken: we’s finally ready to face the rigors of another Michigan, hell- raiser of a winter.’” “Yea, maw.’ © winterize your vehicle, Jeb -and maw recommend the following: 1. CHECK YOUR TIRES. Be sure the: tread is in good condition and is not worn smooth. Remember even with the best of tires, "slower ; speed is a must on snow and ice. - 2, CHECK YOUR BRAKES. Be sure that your foot and hand brakes. "are in good order and proper opera- ting condition. Brakes which served —— you well in mild weather may not do the same job in if - “they have accumulated dirt or grease or if the sipiogs have worn thin 3 CHECK YOUR. WIND. = SHIELD WIPPERS AND BLADES. Obstructions on’ the windshield, such as rain, snow, and sleet, often dirty or worn out ae os ne yee to you when you need tl 4. HEATER AND DEFROSTER. If your vehicle is equipped with a (Continued on Page 3) New Dean Fills Liberal Arts Slot by Lynn Lightner As of the first of the year, Dr. Dorothy Buchan has taken over as the new Dean of Liberal Arts here at ACC. ~teur Buchan comes to us from Ma- comb Community College where she taught Biology and did admini- strative work for 17. years. Buchan received her A.B. and B.S. from Wayne State University and her M.A. and Ed.D. from Western Mich- igan COREE though Buchan grew up— metropolitan Detroit and later Fived in the Warren-Sterling Heights area, she says she really likes the smal town atmosphere that Alpena of- ers. Buchan’s interests include ama- photography, birdwatching and classical and-jazz music. When asked how she has adjusted so far, Buchan said, “Although pening is new and there is a lot sto learn, I’ve really enjoyed my first two weeks and | have no regrets. = ‘T have a very positive outlook,” at = she added.

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