The Campus Update Vol.5, Iss.10, 16 February 1983, p. 1

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” eae -VOLUME FIVE ISSUE TEN CAMPUS UPDATE Alpena Community College, Alpena, Ml FEBRUARY 16, 1983 New Changes in | Aid Registration by Steve Wright Students attending ACC with the help of a financial aid program, and are counting on this aid for Es Ale coming year, that there will be Sieguate Batts to meet their ‘needs. Basically, the only major change in the federal aid program is the requirement of draft registration. Male students born -on or after January 1, 1960, at least 18 years of age, and not currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, must be registered in the selective service program when applying for federal aid. A certificate of registration must be signed and further proof of registration hi st Reet rogram: TION Cprovtnniey Gr: rant lege: Work-Study, National Direct Stu- dent Loans, and Guaranteed Stu- dent Loans will all be financed by the federal government at about the same amount as last year. Students are urged to apply. Students may find, however, that other sources of aid such as cor- porations, unions, community or- ganizations, clubs, and others may be reduced in the coming year, ré- flecting the economy of the United States. In an upcoming issue of the Campus Update facts and figures will be published concerning finan- cial aid for the 1984-1985 year. Critical Thinking Workshop Held On January 7th another ina series of workshops was started for the second semester to discuss the “Critical Thinking ” program. «The workshop was co-ordinated by Jim Miesen. The other ACC in- stuctors that participated in the workshop for the second semester were Sonya Titus, Judy. Tibbets, Sandy Eastway, Russ Garlitz, Elbridge Dunckel and Jackie Timm. Nancy Fitzgerald, an W.A.F.B. in- structor, also attended the work- ie WO! ing and writing methods and how they are incorporated into classes. The purpose is to try to make the seeue and faculty more aware of one learns. Also. to tre: five methods: — read, recall, audio. linguistics, class. discussion, teaching and learning ‘skills. This particular workshop dealt with the - introduction to these methods and also various styles of testing.» - The same group will be attending other various workshops until the end of the- semester. Casino Night 2 by Lynn Lightner Casino Night 2, held on January 27th at the Holiday Inn, like its predecessor, had a. fairly good Ace There were approximately 75 people in attendance and 10. of those people managed to hold-on to their tokens until the. clock stopped at 12 p.m Hagop Kuredjian captured the 1st 'prize——a T.V.with $2,559,000. in tokens; David Bye won a radio/ cassette player with $2,047,000; Janice Hal eceived a watch for her up e 1, Doug. Frank won a calculator with $510,000; Larry Karow picked out a digital clock with his $400,000; Debbi Hanna also with $400,000, won a watch; Mark Parent received a tennis racket with $280,000; Tony Terry won a pen watch: with $200,000 and Terry Skiba picked up a cooler with his $169,000 worth of tokens. Scott Fowler, Co-coordinator of the Casino Night, along with Judy Avery, described the evening as “a moderate success’ and “a de- cent turnout.” erybody who came had a good time,’’ he added. Fowler said that since only 10 people managed to hold on to their money until the end, many prizes — were ‘left over from the. event. These ‘prizes will be put toward the Spring. Fling——an annual. event held at the dorm. In the past, this event included mud-wrestling, arny wrestling, egg tosses, 3-legged races, and a pig roast. “Deathtrap Notes by Jenni Ritzler Thrills}Comedy! Intrigue! Do not miss any of the action as the Alpena Community College Players present. their second production of the season, “‘ winning comedy thriller by Ira Levin will be staged March 17-20 at the Alpena Civic Theatre. Curtain time is set for 8'p.m. Under the direction of Sonya Titus, cast members Dave Beroset, Chery! Dierking, Al Kashner, Sue Manning, and Scott Ruby have been rehearsing ee past twe st Campt Poll Examines Student Opinions 28" by Lynn Lightner Student Senate recently conduct- ed an Activities Opinion Poll in which 166 ACC. students were surveyed. The poll was conducted by the Student Senate to determine why such a tremendous degree of apathy exists within our student body and to see what type of activities, if any, students would like to see offered. Of the 166. students surveyed, only 46% said they attended ACC activities. Out of the 166 students, only 78 even responded to the question “If you don’t attend CC activities, why?’. Of those that did respond, a majority 33% cited “No Time’ as their reason. In response to. “What activities are you interested in?’ the Mov vie Discount received the highest per- centage rating with 67% express- ing an interest in it. Casino Night followed with 34% and Open Swim “at AHS received 33%. ances, a quite common group/ club activity, received only a 4% interest response of the -166 sur- veyed——6 people. (This might be telling the clubs something). je question “Would a var- sity sports program enhance stu- dent life?’ received a majority Opinion of 62%. verall, the poll results real- ly don’t offer any great conclu- sive answers as to how to alleviate the dreadful plague which has fallen upon our student body. This may. be due to the relatively small number of people surveyed. Perhaps the answer is a varsity Sports Program to get the student body active and involved. Per- haps the answers lie in the maj- ority 33% who responded “No Time” in which case maybe some- one should question why $22,000 in student money is given to the Student Activity Fund. ho knows what the answer is, and. . ...perhaps, no one cares. Theatre Discount A.C.C. students are reminded that if they show their A.C.C. stu- dent ID card at the door of the State Theater, they will receive reduced rates of half price on regular show nights. touches on the a he play, set in the Westport, Connecticut study of the playwright Sidney Bruhl, seems to focus on the loving relationship between Bruhl and his wife Myra. Worried about Sidney’s lack of inspiration for a new work, the two seem to connive to appropriate a play idea from the handsome young student, Clifford Anderson. “Seem to” - on those words hinges an experience that has had theater audiences on the edge of their seats. ~ A limited number of free tickets. will be available to ACC students on a first come first serve basis. Stu- dents should check the ‘Splinter’’ for the designated pick-up point.

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