The Campus Update Vol.6, Iss.5, 16 November 1983, p. 1

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CAMPUS UPDATE Volume 6 Issue 5 Alpena Community College, Alpena, MI November 16, 1983: ACC Has Active Student Senate by: Diana Carter According to President, Frank Pickard, the 1983-84 Student Sen- ate is more active than any. of its recent predecessors. Pickard: credits this to “the p and p on the part of every Student Senate member” and ‘their “excellent rap- port with faculty, administratiors, and advisors.” The success of a Student Senate depends on students taking an in- terest and becoming involved in what their Senate does... As pres- ident, Pickard’s main objective is to. “do everything we can to make the Student Senate more visible.” He maintains an “open-door policy’’ and encourages comments, quest- have to be a member of the Senate to participate on a committee,” he emphasized. e The purpose of a student senate is to represent the student body as awhole. Paradoxically, overcoming student apathy is the most difficult task facing Pickard and the other Senate members. All students are urged to attend the weekly Senate meetings, but few do: Last week only three students «participated. “Students just aren‘t interested in what is going on with the Senate,” commented Pickard. “I wish | could spread some of my enthus- jasm around!”’ Former ACC Student Displays Art Work by: Kris Fritz Brian Gougeon, a former ACC student, will be displaying his latest art works at Jesse Besser museum. The display begins on Nov. 13 will run two months: His works are mainly pastels portraying contrasts of everyday items and ideas. “Art makes you think’ says Gougeon. “Vf you take an everyday item and place it in an unfamiliar setting it suddenly becomes. noticable, and afterwards the viewer will think of it differently.” In most of his works he uses opposites working against each other to create new ideas from common things. \ To stumulate interest and en- courage student participation, the Senate has instituated a number of activities. The “Lumberjack contest, which offers .a $20 reward to the finder, is the a Frank Pickard, President of the Student Senate says this years Senate is more active than past ‘years. -most original and has also generated the most interest. “The contest has been very successful,’’ reports Pickard. The Student Senate has also been very active on the issue of whether to reinstate varsity sports. Gougeon<attended ACC during his freshman year at college. While he studied here he followed a gen- eral curriculum, thinking he might major in the natural sciences. It wasn’t until his senior year of col- lege that he decided to major in art. “The art was always there,” he said, but it was more of a hobby. Gougeon explained that it was to ones advantage to try things and- learn from your experiences, that it is not necessary to know what you want to major-in when your a senior in high school. As a sophomore, Gougeon ~ hosted “?¥ork. They. recently conducted a poll in an attempt to secure to opinion of the student body in this issue. Seventy percent of those polled were freshmen because “the freshmen. are the ones who will be living with the results of the poll.” ‘Of the 403 students surveyed, 83% voted to reinstate sports, with the majority favoring to finance it by charging a student activity fee, at per full-time student and $2.50 per half-time student. A final an- swer to the sport’s issue is expected by the Board of Trustees at the January Board meeting. ~< Pickard and seven of the senate members recently attended a two- BaCity, the time of registration, of $5.00, Two Seats Filled on. College Board by: Julie Taylor On January 1, Florence Stibitz| and A. Harvey Hansen will take} their newly acquired seats on the} Alpena Community College Board of Education. In the November 8 election, Stibitz tallied 5,002 yotes while Hansen recieved 3,858 votes. Run- ning mates John Briggs. and Alan Kurt received 2,602 and 2,147 ballots respectively. Stibitz, who ran strong in the city, is a 43-year-old homemaker.. 16. years, she has been active in the Hockey Association, the Com- munity Concert Association, and St. Bernard Church. A strong runner in the out- teal CaeeblansenniS-a059-year- A resident of Alpena for the past} / Northwestern Michigan College, where they met with Student Senate members from seven other colleges to discuss com- mon problems and solutions. Each member attended a different work- shop on such topics as “’ How to work with your advisor’, ship and internal organization’, and “how to start a campus radio station’; Although Pickard was fi i in the izati of the consortium, he still found it wothwhile. “Everybody com- mented that they gained something from their workshops,” he said. transfered to Kalamazoo and stud- ied theater design. His junior year there he studied abroad in France. Under a Kalamazoo program he attended classes at University Des ‘Sciences Humaines Strasbourg |. ‘Upon returning he took an in- iternship’ with a painter in New After graduation he re- ‘mained in New York and held down several odd jobs, while con- ‘tinuing his art work. The rewards of his talent and studies were not immediate but as he puts it “Its a commitment you have to make and you have to keep working at it.” leader- . old mail carrier and cattle farmer. He is a lifelong resident of the Alpena area’ and a graduate of| Alpena High School. Stibitz and Hansen join reigning| ACC ‘board members Sally Park, Roger Bauer, Melvin Matchett, Dr, non-paid trustees for six-year terms Lee Britton, and Jerry Newhouse as}. leach. GOOD LUCK . HUNTERS! A former ACC student, Brian Gougeon is dis- playing his art work at Jesse Besser Museum,

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