The Campus Update Vol.6, Iss.6, 1 December 1983, p. 1

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CAMPUS UPDATE Volume 6 Issue 6 Alpena Community College, Alpena, MI December 1, 1983 ACC Student Spices Up Life With Potpourri and Sachet Hobby by: Lynn Lightner Julianne Michaels is a familiar and always friendly face well known="to both. students and teacherson ‘campus. Many know her as the Interdisciplinary Study Program‘s “glorified gal Friday.’ Others see Julianne as student, peer, What many people do not know her ~asis a potpourriand sachet expert. ‘> Michaels initially got interested in this-unique hobby at the age of “student-teacher or friend. “seven when her father sent her a- he can re- ng asa second . "Gee, this is really nice but ‘what do | do with it?” Every day she would look at it; smell it and enjoy it - - thus, doing the right thing. Potpourri’s ‘rosebud. exclusive purpose ing of herbs, wafted out all at once. Michael’s potpourri generally lasts twice as long (an average of two years) than that regularly found ‘in stores, Michaels: feels that making pot- _ pourri. is “an. avocation that pays for itself in terms of the personal joy. and fulfillment” that she de- rives from: it. “Churning” the po’ pourri is the most favorite thing in the world for me. It is a reat sensual experience churning with one’s hands the brilliant colors and seeing the beauty” Michaels - stated. In terms of monetary rewards,’ ‘it. if Michaels looked at her pay in terms of the hours she puts into it, she would definitely. lose money! Whatever “profit” she does make helps buyChristmas gifts for her Hotere pic It is placed ‘for view ‘in glass jars, open bowls and tins - - displaying the beauty of its colored whole leafs. and.-petals and filling the whole room with a luxurious aroma. ~ Sachet is ground up potpourri and is solely for. the pleasure of the fragrance. It-is placed in drawers or between sheets as a perfume. Teaberry Sachet, Bay Rose Sachet, Indian». Summer Potpourri, Christmas. Berry Potpourri, and Classic Victorian Potpourri are some of the names Michaels has given to her individual products. Michaels grows 100 varieties of herbs along side an alley of her home and produces potpourri for commercial sale. Michael's products are appropriately named Alleyside Products, Completion of Michael's pro- ducts ‘requires a complicated pro- cess. The hobby includes her put- ting many hours into growing, tending, harvesting, drying, mixing, turing, and turning herbs to make her finished potpourri. Michael’s potpourri is of a much higher quality in terms of. color, fragrance and longevity than of that found in-stores. All pot- pourri is blended so the fragrances are released economically and not fixatives. ly i al soaps, tea, cough ‘syrup and theraputic bath bags. - In. fact, Michaels unique and exciting hobby has prompted. in- vitations for her to speak to clubs ; . ° Ski Club Tries to by: Madeline Hoppe An active Ski Club could still exist at ACC this winter, according to Dr. Elbridge L. Dunkel, a willing advisor and ski instructor, who is currently seeking several enthus- iastic student skiers with leadership qualities. : Currently ACC has a charter membership in the National Col- legate Ski Association, who supply ski information, material and mo- vies to members. Meetings and movies would be held weekly as well as ski trips and fund raising activities. ue to a lack of student in- terest and without a budget sub- mitted to the budget review Board, no funds have been appropriated for the Ski Club to date. A physical education ski class is offered this spring semester at ACC, and will be a two-credit, eight week class, held at Mt. Maria, Wednes- days 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. with extra time for free skiing. learn to ski. and groups on all aspects of herbs. - She has also written articles dealing with the issue of the ignorance in using herbs medicinally. “Although they are natural, they can also be harmful.’” stated Michaels. When talking to Michaels on the subject of her potpourri and sachet, - her enthusiasm spills over and she is eagerly willing to share her know- legde on the subject -with anyone interested. “Anyone just learning how. to. make potpourri feel free to call me. | am always willing to help sno other people how to make Michael’s products are available at the Country Cupboard 611 8th Street. ACC students with 1.D. card recieve a 10% discount on Alleyside Products only. Her pro- -Michaels will continue to spice up other people’s lives until next September when: she. will transfer to Michigan State University to pur- sue a degree in secondary educat- ion. Start New Year Dunkel, a physical science & biological teacher at ACC is ¢ur- rently seeking four student ski ‘as- | sistants to help on the slopes. He may be reached at 356-9021 Ext, 245. An enthusiastic skier Dunkel said, “I look for snow, it makes the winter shorter if you ski.” Here is an opportunity for in- ‘terested students to get involved in winter activities and beat the blahs. Get an active Ski Club going and “Don't be afraid, is the key to success in this sport, anyone can ski and there are no age barriers if you don’t hot-dog be- yond your skills,”” said Dunkel. Take Note The Campus Update will be in need of new. staff members for the coming second semester. If you are interested in practicing your writing — skills for publication, or to try your hand at journalistic techniques, contact Dr. L. Aufderheide, Ad- visor or Steve Wright, Editor. Student Senate Acts on Dangerous Crosswalk by: Jim Sanders Tired of that run down feeling time you cross Johnson Street? Well hold on to your life insurance: policies. There are going to be some changes at the cross- walk between Besser Tech and Van Lare Hall. A new committeee comprised of Student Senate members Ron Ross, Kris Fritz, Jim Webber and advisor Frank McCourt has been chosen to study. the possibilities to make the crossing safer. So far, letters have been sent to L of Besser, Fletcher and Abitibi to haul in the reins on employees to slow down their*mass exodus after work. The main= traffic problem times . on Johnson. St. seem to be when the: shift changes occur at these three neighboring factories. Qne of the proposed plans for (Continued on Page 2) Dean Reed draws the winning ticket in Besser Technical Association’s 50/50 drawing as rep- resentative Ron Ross looks on, e winner was Coby Bee @ student at ACC, She won 159 dollars.

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