The Campus Update Vol.6, Iss.11, 15 February 1984, p. 1

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CAMPUS UPDATE > Volume 6 Issue 11 Alpena Community Comed Riven MI Faure) 15, 1984 Higher Education Plays Major | Role in State’s Future The issues on. higher education « must be addressed aggressively now. to protect Michigan's future, a re port: from Public sector Consult: ants, Ine. asserts, - The State’s system or higher ed- ucation: is one‘of its greatest assets for the economic revitalization of the state and will. play a major role in molding Michigan's future. Our state is now: in a phase of eco-: nomic transition moving to a new broad-based and. diversified eco- -ssnemy. which will rely more heav- “ily. on its human and intellectual resources according to the report.” After careful consideration | of the historical. tradition, the vital role of higher education, and pub- ACC Gears Up For by Marti Hurford. February 13-18, 1984, will mark the return of Homecoming Week to Alpena Community College after a three year hiatus. he “Spirit Week” has been chosen for this years theme according to Scott Fowler, President of the Stu- ‘dent Activity Board, with numer-- “ous activities still being planned, The Alpena Community ~ Coll: | ege’s: homecoming - queen. will be “chosen by students voting through- ~ out: Spi didates sponsored by. les ubs. Ballots will be available starting “Mo londay, February 13, : 7984, at the Student’ Activities . Center ‘located in: the labby of the Besser: Technology Center. : On! Saturday, February 18, 1984, women's and men’s alumni basket: ball games will be held. Those in attendance will not only © wit- ness the homecoming crowning ceremonies held between: games but also the return of former home- coming queen and star of the ACC . women’s basketball team of 1981, Sheila Parkenson. Following the game there will be a dance. held’ at the Alpena: Civic’ Center from 9:30 til 1:30. Live musie, food and refreshments will be provided to keep you in the “Spirit.” lic policy issues. Public Sector Con- -suitants, Ine. identified the key areas of public concern that should - “be addressed by the- the Michigan. system; hence no. ies pe Sistah in the new York "Commission on the Futur er Edueation. — In its monograph: “Higher Edu- cation in Michigan: Issues, Policy lieati and © enc tions’, the Lansing-based research and policy analysis firm specified the following problems: declining state funding and enrollment, de- deterioration of physical facilities, and - inadequate educational and re- search interface with industry: Decentralization and regionali- zation were seen as strengths of they Recusatenn downsizing and earetill analysis before any Le gram is eliminated. - The recommendations include: —Adequate. state funding - cluding general fund appropriations <Inereased commitment to re-' . Search on the part of the State —Consideration ‘of tax credits, scholarships, and ‘state loans f oS to nontraditional stu- a paeraipeticns of ‘bust ie ae year, public, a oes _ =Compacts with adjacent states Pent plan to effect cost savings and match staff* with projected “en- rollment The report was issued this week to subscribers of the firms: Fiscal: A Service. C ‘students to oe their enrollment : decline sie he ACE Conerete Club has re- ceived an order for a previous bid made for the construction of 20 conerete picnic tables. Each table will take approx: | imately eight or nine houfs to build and will total about 180: hours of volunteered time to complete: the job will go to: field trip to. job whieh must be finished al : a concrete industry i in Michigan. - A bid’ has also been placed. by. the concrete club for the construc- tion of concrete benches at ACC. The concrete club currently has 14 active “members and has pre- viously. completed three jobs, These include a pole barn floor for a pri- vate citizen, three on-campus side- walks, and one sidewalk for a pri- vate citizen.” Week from a list of se- Student Senate Elections = elections for Stlident Se- nate are being held February 15th, 16th and 17th. An election, box will: be placed»in the Besser Tech- nieal Center: at the Student Affairs Office. Candidates running for President are Frank Pickard, Lenny. McClan- ahan, and Kent Kuszajewski, Candidates running for Vice-Pres- ident are’ Jim. Webber and Matt Parcells. Mary Moreau is running. for Sec- retary and there are no candidates running for Us: New Computer Keeps ACC’s Drafting Proc "by Marti Hurford Alpena - Community College's drafting program: will move into the 2i\st century at. the end of the _Month when it takes delivery of the $107,000. Hewlet-Packard CAD/ CAM computer. - CAD/CAM means Computer-Aid ‘Design/Computer- Aided Manufact- uring. Simply put, this system places 3-D blueprints of structures ‘and space on the computer screen, then: converts the image into mach- ine language. With the help of a ro- bot, known as’a plotter, it will draw the design out on drafting pa- per. According to Mr. Owen Lamb, one of ACC's drafting instructors and CAD/CAM's” staunchist advo- cates, these fF 1 drafting gram Competitive Alpena Community College. Another:important. factor, stress- es Lamn, is ‘the removal of human systems are finding homes in corp- orations like General Motors, and General: Electric. Locally, the | Bes- sér Company is doing a feasibility study of its use. All of which means _ work. that students in Engineering, ee : sign/Drafting fields who hands-on CAD/CAM Sepuinncs will definitely: have the edge over other students in this highly com- petitive job market when leaving “This opens the dield up to the handicapped. As long as they have the mental capabilities and are able to push buttons, they. can produce the same quality of Financing this. computer system came partially: from the federal government’s Title-I}! Grant which - gave Alpena Community College $40,000.00 for the sole purpose continued on page 2

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