The Campus Update Vol.7, Iss.2, 17 October 1984, p. 1

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CAMPUS UPDATE Volume 7 Issue 2 Alpena Commu nity College October 17, 1984 Sat. Oct. 20th Cross country =<. "Two Areas of A.C.C. Considering Computerization A.C.C. Library Plans Computerization The Alpena Community Col- lege library. is going:computer- ized. According to ACC librarian Charles Tetzlaff, the library will have a computer terminal connected with a mainframe that will allow the exchange of information from North Cen- tral Michigan College in Petos- key and be able to exchange ulabetniseeo tenn nem Now. ie ehouah 6 el et a Me trons needs.” says Tetzlaff. The purpose ofthe computer- ization of the library will be to serve the college in a more efficient manner. Having a computer in the li- brary to keep track of books and students who have over- due items from the library. This will be done by giving all patrons an |-D card and check- ing out books through the computer. Immediately the li- brarfan will know whether or not the student may sign out abook or not. Another way the library is utilizing the use of computers is by using a disk that will print” WER sormetion is roe ine it. Tetz- laff says that this will save time because normally the lib- rary has to type up three cards: for every book that comes in; by using a printer much time is being saved. By Jim Webber Career Decisions Computer Considered. ACC is considering the pur- chase of new computer equip- ment. c A cost effectiveness study is currently being done by Sys- tems Development 1 students, Cindy Paquette, and Leiron Chandler, according to Mr. Richard Counsellor. The study relates to the ne- cessary equipment: for imme- diate computerized: test scor- ing via telecommunications. The new system called Arion Il Teleprocessing, would pro- duce immediate Career Inter- est Testing results, whereas the present system requires that a students test be mailed in for processing, involving a waiting period of ten days. Counsellor believes that a® speedy return of test results will increase student ‘useage, He added, if the new system proves to be a practical and] beneficial investment, it may be applied to other areas of| testing dealing with career! decision making. BE INFORMED READ CAMPUS UPDATE 11! Harvest Days Are Huge Success Many Alpena area residents : enjoyed an old-fashioned. re- union with the past on Oct. 6 at Fall Harvest Days on the museum grounds with a full schedule of events from a time when life was “‘simpler’’. On hand to interpret those simple times was Mrs. Connon, who is a first grade teacher at Ella White. iis greetings vis- e mention “a third generation alumna of this one room school and found the research that she “and others did on jit very inter- esting. When asked would have enjoyed teaching in those days she said, ““Well-- no, | don’t think so. Those simpler times were also a great deal tougher, too.”’ It was a long way to school for some and it was not uncommon for a horse to be ridden to school and lodged in the wood shed attached behind the school. . Quite fittingly Tiger Stad- jum set the stage Sunday after- noon for the Detroit Tigers to clinch the 1984 World Series. + Detroit beat the San Diego Padres 8-4 in game five of the normal seven game _ series. Taking their third straight win in a row to clinch the title for the: first time in 16 years. The . Tigers early snatching three runs in the first inning and went at it head first everytime the Padres tryed to advance. Although Alan Trammel won the series MVP; batting -450 in the series, and Sparky Anderson became the « first- Manager to win a World Seriies if she - leaped ahead® yester-year school came away with a little understanding of the past and a juicy red apple courtesy of Delta Kappa Gamma, Mrs. Carol Witherbee enter- tained renditions on her dulcimer and answered many a question to boot. ows enor wo pI ‘selections. (Plictc back page) The many other artists and craftsmen who — graciously donated their time and energy to make this annual event a success deserve a huge Thank You--you are all super! Another item of interest is the presentation of the Sky Theater, ‘A Comet. Called Hal- ley”, beginning Sept. 23, run- ning through Nov. 25. Visitors are invited to explore the fas- cinating past of this most famous of comets and learn TIGERS WIN IT!! title in both leagues, Kirk: Gibson was obviously the man to watch. Gibson, who contri- buted five runs with two hom- ers, went from one extreme to the other and back again. Starting with a two run homer in the first inning; reluctantly excepting a strike out later; and bouncing back with a three run homer in the eighth. The Padres made efforts to gain momentum off Dan Petry’s second straight bad start, scoring once in the third on Steve Garvey’s RBI simgle and twice in the fourth on Bobby Brown’s sacrifice and Alan Wiggin’s RBI single. Kurt Bevacqua was able to Children who viewed the. listeners’ with bright — po toed ie ‘crowd - alter ‘Peppy . By Connie Allen where and when to observe this once-in-a-lifetime event that has not been seen by the unaided eye since 1910. The comet will be barely visible to_ the naked eye in Dec. 1985, low in the southwest, below e Great Square of Pegasus.’ It will be visable by Telescope from the fall of 1985 through June 1986, and ‘will best be the..southern,.hemis-, phere. For a preview, Sky Theater showtimes are Sun- days at 2 and 4 pm. Admission of $1 - adults, 50 cents for childre: For E unique gift, possibly even a Halleys’ Comet T-shirt, a stop in the Eclectic Empor- ium gift shop might be worth your while. With the holidays in the not-to-distant future a special something may be found among various selec- tions, many of which are hand-made. Items are made by Michigan residents and most from the Northeastern. area. ES S bring trailing San Diego up to a score of 5-4 in the eighth inning, but Gibson’s three run homer released any thoughts of holding the Tigers back. The joyous celebration which began immediately fol- ’ lowing the final out of the ninth..inning was soon: over- shadowed by destruction and violence. The Tigers quickly retreated to the locker room as 51,901 fans poured out of Tiger Stadium tearing up turf and overturning vehicles. Ef- forts by mounted police were fultile, and when the crowd cleared only a few policemen in raincoats remained among the scattered rubble. By Sienna se eh doe a

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