The Lumberjack Vol.1, No.11, 18 February 1987, p. 1

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February 18,1987 ALPENA COMMUNITY COLLEGE'S STUDENT NEWSPAPER Volume 1 Issue 11 Administration presents millage passing strategy About 60 members of the ACC faculty and staff attend- ed a meeting Tuesday, Feb- ruary 17, concerning their participation in the upcoming millage election. The subject most stressed at the meeting was the needed participation of the staff. Forms containing 25 blank spaces were distributed to the attending faculty members. Each person was asked to complete the forms with “yes”? voters and return them by March 6. At that time, all-names completed list will be returned to the staff to call the day be- fore the vote. As it was point- -ed out, this puts much of the chance for success of the mil- lage into the hands of the faculty. This is because the number of people it is estimated will take to get the millage passed is 2,500. Since there are about ~ 100 faculty members, 25 people: from each person: would cause the millage to be passed. Also stressed was the idea that if the various high points of ACC’s involvement in the community, the vote would be further positively influenced. Such programs as the Wurt- smith extension, the Fitness Center, and the Science Olym- . piad could be presented for public consumption. Finally, the idea that even one vote can make a differec- ce was reiterated by Richard Matteson, president of the faculty. He pointed out that — Louis XVI was executed by a vote of 360 to 361. Rick Sefton is a name well known around the ACC cam- pus. If there is an activity to plan or help with, Sefton is usually there chipping in. Sefton is a sophomore at ACC and a member of the Student. Senate, Student Activities Board, and the Con- crete Club. Sefton is also a “member of another club called “Lunatics”, but’ you: won't find that it is.a normal ‘club~ found on most college cam= ‘puses. The “ghost club”, as Seft calls it, was formed by. #8 will be fed into a computer to Free ride offered The Student Senate in co- operation with the Publicity Committee for the millage has coordinated transportation to the Secretary of State’s office on 427 Cambell St. Rides will be leaving from the front of VLH at various times’ today, tomorrow, and Friday, February 20, at the following times: Wednesday, February 18: 1Sam 1:15pm 3:15pm Thursday, February 19: 10:15am will host 18 of northern Mich- igan’s junior and senior high schools to compete at the regional level of the Michigan Science Olympiad on Satur- day, February 21. ACC Hosts Science oe ‘Alpena “Community Colle ee ~ of this opportunit . eligible — to call” 2:15pm Friday, peony 20: 10:15am 12:15pm Students who ‘will be. 18 on or before Monday, March 9, and are not registered to vote; are asked to take advantage ye If you’re not sure if youare vote in this cretary of State’s OEE 356-9742. Indian River. es _WAFB conflicts on smoking policy Since the posting on Feb- tuary 4; of non-smoking signs - in the education building and social center at building 228 on the WAFB campus, there has been. growing resentment among students due. to a policy loophole. The signs cite inadequate. ventilation and limited. space as reasons that a smoking area cannot be designated in the building. The hallways, class- rooms, commons area and smoking: allowed areas, provid- lavatoriés are all posted as off- limits to smoking: In contrast, however, in- quiries reveal that office per- sonnel ‘an (and do) designate their own® private offices as ing those sharing the office are ‘in agreement. Apparently ventilation. is considered adequate to handle the smoke of the priveleged few who can continue to continued pg 3 mpiad is a growing ae tion with 12 regions. 750 schools throughout Michigan: are participating this year at the regional level and approxi- mately 41 states at the Nation- al level. 3 The - northern Michigan region no. 2 raised their school participation’ to 18 schools compared’to last years 13. - The 6 junior high schools involved include schools from Cheboygan, Oscoda, Tawas,. Elk Rapids, Whittemore, and They will be co le silver team placques with the gold placque winner qualif- ying to go to the state com- petition. The 12 senior high schools ‘participating from areas such as Alpena, Oscoda, Tawas, Rogers City, and Gaylord will be competing for the top 3 spots of the tournament. The top 2 teams will be awarded teams placques and will be eligible to go on to the state competition while the third place team will be recognized ___ continued pg 2 Lumberjacks celebrate homecoming Olympiad [Sefton — Student Activist| Burrows and Carl Schuler during the 1985-86 school year. Their objectives, as stat- ed by Sefton, was “to help support school spirit and to~ get students involved in school activities’. When asked how the club differed from any other col- lege club he stated “‘we unified ; just for spirit. We do not have any. officers, advisors, budget, — nor do we get involved in ~ school politics,” Sefton recalls the members” Rick Sefton attending the basketball games. where they dressed in red “Jong johns’ and cut basket- balls in half and wore them on their heads with their names written on them. It was done just to have a good time and create ‘enthusiasm at the “games, < Sefton is as involved in other campus ‘organizations and clubs he belongs to, just as he is with the “‘Lunatics’: He enjoys coming up with new and exciting ideas. Sefton stated ‘“‘you can belong. to every club if you want, but panera is another sto Selton has a knack for “get- 5 ting involved”, he seems to thrive on it. King Art Derry and Queen Robin Jones of the Law En- forcement Club reigned over the 1987. ACC. Homecoming Dance at the Alpena Civic -Center on.February 7. 5 story continued

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