The Lumberjack Issue 3, ? November 1989, p. 1

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THE FUMBERJACK dents of Alpena Community College i blished by the Issue 3 ACE has been furnished with a curriculum development Cooperative Association). The $15,000.00 grant is for the design of a one year certificate program for entry-level persons interested in working for utility, telephone and cable companies. In return for the funding, MECA will receive a set of course outlines, test items, text recommendations and advertising materials such Up With People, a 2-hour musical, was held on Friday, November 24, to a crowded audience at AHS. Up With People is a non-profit, international, educational program. It is designed to send messages to its audience, from drugs, environmental problems, and gang wars. The members communicate through various songs and dance routines. The organization is made up of 5 casts, with one currently touring in the United States. The members are from approximately 25 different countries.Applicants are chosen through a personal interview process. There are no auditions; anyone interested just sits and talks with 2 of the cast members. There is no emphasis on singing or dancing and no auditions. There are 5 requirements for being a member. One must be a high school graduate, between the ages of 17-25, single, in good health, and willing to give 100% at all times. I talked with PR members Karen Meyer and Christine Heart about what UWP meant to them. Curriculum Grant for ACC as a brochure and poster for promotion of the program. Chuck Wiesen, Executive Director for the enter for Economic and Human Resource Development, and Margie Hunt, CEHRD secretary, are the logistical support team for the project and are managing the paperwork. The actual construction of the technician program is in the hands of Bill Yule, the Industrial Technical Dept. Chair, and Chuck Scheufler, a part-time instructor who is the Chief Distribution Engineer for Alpena Power. A survey was sent to some 60 electric utilities in the state of Michigan to determine the need for such a training curriculum. The grant calls for the project to be completed by February 16th. Upon completion of the format, ACC administrators will then be looking to keep the program on campus. This poeabHie would be, according, to Chuck Wiesen, "pending acquisition of additional resources." resources would come from the Departments of Education, Commerce and Labor. A decision concerning whether the utility technical training will be hosted by ACC will be reached by the first of April. If so, ACC will ideally advertise statewide for someone retiring from the utility industry interested in teaching at the college. Participants would be trained in setting poles, transformers and running underground cables. The These program would consist of 32-34 semester hours and 40-42 contact hours. Requirements would include high school graduation or a solid math and English background and a physical examination. This educational opportunity would be open to both men and women. According to Mr. Wiesen, if all goes well, ACC could possibly have the Utility Technician Program available on campus as early as next fall. by Yvonne Swager They stated, "UWP is an opportunity to experience things one would not normally experience. It is a group of individuals who become a family. We spend one year traveling together, supporting each other in the show and in our private lives. We stay with 2-3 host families a week and get involved with the communities as well. There are sO many opportunities. UWP opens the door to so many things, economically, socially, and educationally. " Many different people come into our lives at different times for different reasons. Each one adds something new to our lives. This past week, I was fortunate to host an Up With People cast member, Elizabeth Brown. She was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and also resides in Mexico. I must say, that in the few short days she spent with me, I learned about different cultures, lifestyles, and in the process, gained a wonderful friend. She could not stress enough how much this show is not just a performance. Much time, hard work, and dedication goes into each production. It is not just a glamorous show, but involves community involvement as well. She stated that the group visits prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes, to name a few. For every 2-hour performance, eight hours of community service are done by the Up With People members. In this year, Elizabeth is gaining an education that she could not get elsewhere. In February, she will embark on a 10-week tour of Europe and also return to perform in her home country of Mexico. She holds a B.A. in World Affairs from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. She is fluent in three languages, and with her travels, she has endless opportunities to apply her knowledge. Even though she has "had tea with an ambassador," met famous people, and made important contacts on her trip, my observation is that the special friends and cultural exchanges she has are more important to her. These members seem to share a special "bond" through their experiences and travels. In the end, she convinced me to interview for the tour as well. I was extremely fascinated by the various people I got to meet, all the way from California to Switzerland. The cultural differences were a welcome addition to the many host families for weekend. aving stay for the holidays was a welcome addition as well. Families involved were fascinated by the various lifestyles and the tour itself. Before Elizabeth left, she stated, "I felt like we've known each other for years. Isn't that strange?" No, I don't think it is strange at all. She has an amazing ability to interact with all kinds of people. We gained a very close friendship in a short time. I believe Elizabeth is the epitome of the Up With People cast. In a short time, she taught me to reach for a dream and never sto striving for the bigger and better things that are out there. Over the holidays, onal she gained another host sister; I learned lessons from her and her cast, but most importantly I gained a special friend, truly an Up With People person. by Staci Radke Inside: pg.2_ Ridesharing pg.3 Business & Industry pg.4 Opinions pg.5 Up With People Pics pg.7 Clubs & Organizations pg.8 Sports

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