The Polemic Vol.2, No.1, 16 October 1970, p. 1

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EMIC Vol. 2 No. 1 Alpena, Michigan October 16, 1970 A Student Newspaper Although most college newspapers are called student newspapers, very few actually are. Most are censored or edited by a member of the faculty or administration called an advisor. Often the contents of the paper, editorials and layout reflect the tastes of the advisor and not the students. The POLEMIC is a student news- proval from an “advisor” before the paper goes to press. This means that the bulk of the responsibility of pro- ducing and printing a quality news- paper rests upon the students. Although the students are given the responsibility for producing and printing the POLEMIC, the college remains legally responsible for the paper. The cost of printing the POLEMIC, necessary materials, Press Services, press conventions, and mem- berships are met through advertizing profits, but the POLEMIC is not financially equiped to meet | legal re- prisals or to pay possible compensa- tory damages. Therefore, the College is ultimately legally responsible for thePOLEMIC. lie The college protects its’ interests by maintaining a control over the paper through a publications board consisting of three students chosen by Student Hue a faculty . member chosen by the Coun- cil, an administrator eae by the president of the college, and a community representative (presently the editor of the Alpena News). This Publications Board, which administers policy of all Alpena Community College student publications, guards the interests of the college against possible irresponsibility by selecting “THE POLEMIC” editor and business. manager. The editor and business manager are selected from applications for the positions and are responsible to the: i Publications Board and ultimately to ._ the college itself. The operation of or breach of ethics in the publication a warning or possible dismissal of the The POLEMIC does have an ad- visor who answers questions and gives suggestions but has no power of cen- sorship. Only the approval of the student editor of supervision by the college authori- ties makes the POLEMIC truly a student newspaper. This is a challenge and a responsibility to ACC students. If responsibility indeed grows with freedom, the POLEMIC should be a credit to the entire college comm- unity. James Bartz 70-71 COLLEGE CALENDAR Tuesday, September 29 Tues. & Wed., Sept. 29 & 30 Thursday, October 1 Wednesday, November 25 Monday, November 30 Wednesday, December 23 Monday, January 4 Friday, Januaty 29 “Monday-Friday, February 1-5 Monday, February & Tuesday, February 9 Wednesday, February 10 Thursday, February 11 Thursday, April 8 Wednesday, April 14 Monday, May 31 Friday, June 4 *Monday-Friday, June 7-11 Tuesday, June 15 Wednesday, June 16 General Faculty Meeting at 8:30.a.m. Registration and Academic Advising Classes begin at 7:00 a.m. Thanksgiving Vacation at 4:00 p.m. Classes resume at 7:00 a.m. Christmas vacation begins at 4:00 Classes resume at 7:00 Classes end first semester Exams Grades due by 9:00. In service meeting. Academic Advisory Committee meeting. Registration and General Faculty Meeting Registration Classes resume at 7:00 Spring Vacation begins at 4:00 Classes resume at 7:00 a.m. Holiday Classes End Exams Staff Meetings Graduation *EXAMS TO BE HELD AT SCHEDULED TIMES ONLY AND NOT DURING CLASS TIME. STUDENT GOVERNMENT PRESIDENT JIM SKINNER Skinner Views Student Gov. Last spring the freshmen students elected me, Jim Skinner, president of the Alpena Community College Stu- dent Government. Along with elect— ing a president the students ait a government affairs. Students should know what Student Government is doing. This year the Student Govern- ment hopes that the freshmen will be- come involved i in the elections this fall id the election in vice-president and fout Roger Sucharski was elected Neen, ident and James Bartz, Li the spring for two eee and four Dale Robb, and James Worthly as the four representatives. Although these officers were elected through a dem- ocratic election process the contest was a one-sided election. This oc- curred not through “rigging” or any type of dishonesty, but by student apathy towards the election. There was only one student running for President, two students running for vice-president and five students run- ning for the four representatives. There was only a very small percen- tage of freshmen that even took the two or three minutes to vote. Every- body likes to not have any competi- tion but competition in a democratic election process is essential to that very process. Student Government feels that last springs election was almost a “flop” which could be solved only by students taking an active part in student government and student Student Government this year. is composed of a president, vice-presi- dent, four sophomore representati and four freshmen representatives. The student government represents all of the Alpena Community College students and to do this Student Government appoints “students to boards and committees including stu- dent Buti to the Alpena Board of Education, Advisory Coun- cil, and Publications Board. Through these committees and boards the voice and opinions of the students are ex- pressed to the faculty and administra- tion. Student Government will ap- point responsible and capable students to these committees and boards. In representing the students at ACC the Student Government will have the best interest of the students in mind at all times. Thank you, Jim Skinner Oakland Drops Grades Rochester, Mich.—(I.P.)— Oakland: University has eliminated the failing grade and has radically altered its graduation requirements for any stu- dents who wish to plan their own education. The education reform Proposals were adopted by the University Sen- ate, the internal governing body ot the institution. The recommendations were presented to the Senate by a Blue Ribbon Committee on Educa- tion Reform, a group of six stu- dents and six representatives of fac- ulty and administration. (Continued on Page »

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